So, who am I? That's a fair question...

I'm just a Dreamer who would love nothing more than to write for a living. Preferably writing fiction short stories/novels, but beggars can't be choosers, now can they?

After coming off a 12+ year writer's block in 2012 (thanks largely in part to an annual writing challenge — NaNoWriMo), I am attempting my hand at some blogging. The goal being to just remain consistent; to write a little each day, if possible. I post about one entry a week on each blog (1 journal based/1 fiction based/more to come). Okay, after reading that I had to laugh; it's more like one or two posts a week, the blog varies. Who am I kidding, right?!

Nothing published, just a jumbled concoction of ideas/themes/scenes/dreams that have existed in my head since childhood. It would be nice to finally be able to pull them out, get them down on paper (or word doc), and make room for more.

So follow along, comment/discuss, share a tale or three. I am hoping to make new connections along this journey! I realize the "connecting" part has been more difficult now after coming to the paid platform of Squarespace (especially in comparison to the multifaceted networking I've experienced on free blogging platforms), but I would encourage the use of the social networking links provided throughout the website, until Squarespace optimizes their system. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube being the most prominent.

I appreciate everyone visiting/liking/sharing/commenting if you feel the content is worthwhile and I hope to connect soon!

-The End-
-True Story-