The Cryton Chronicles is a site which acts as an umbrella/hub for a variety of blogs I maintain — I, Jak/Generation Jak/Dreams in the Shade of Ink/Meta MTG — each focusing on different content. The hope is that there is potentially something for everyone, and rather than having everything jumbled together within a single blog, it is instead categorized for easier access. The content for each blog is described below!

I, Jak

I, Jak consists mostly of random blurbs. It acts as my personal, yet public, journal. There are no set parameters on what topics may be discussed, but they will generally be about life and the day to day struggles, accomplishments, and other experiences I encounter. Other posts will explore subject matter that I find fascinating or troublesome, that I feel compelled to share my thoughts, complaints, and/or opinions on.

This is also where you will find most of the blog hops that I participate in with other bloggers throughout the Blogosphere!

Generation Jak

Generation Jak is my entertainment blog. This will include posts about movies, TV shows, gaming (board/card/video), music, books, etc. Currently, I post a lot of movie trailers, in conjunction with my Trailer Tuesday blog series, but I'm hoping to expand more with my reviews.  While Generation Jak focuses a lot on movies and gaming (and in accordance, so will my reviews), the doors are left wide open to almost any and all forms of entertainment. It just depends on when the fancy strikes me to cover them!

Dreams in the Shade of Ink

Dreams in the Shade of Ink (DitSoI or DITSOI?) features my writing content. This will predominantly be fiction pieces. However, those pieces may come in a variety of forms — poetry, flash fiction, short stories, etc. These may be attached to blog series, longer/larger works in progress, or completely standalone. Some may be stuck in a perpetual state of limbo, but the hope is that I'll eventually be able to shake that off and continue on said pieces again in the near future!

There may be the chance that Dreams in the Shade of Ink will also highlight some of my artistic work, if I ever begin to dabble in that medium again. I welcome and encourage constructive criticism!

Meta MTG

Meta MTG focuses exclusively on Magic: The Gathering. While Magic is obviously considered a tabletop game (technically a collectible card game — CCG), or maybe not so much to those unfamiliar, and would fit perfectly in with my Generation Jak blog, there is potentially so much content that it deserves its own framework. It's a game I've played on and off again since the early 90's.

While I've mostly shifted into a very casual player/collector role, it's still a game I am very passionate about. The subject matter of Meta MTG may bounce around from controversial topics, deck design, news and announcements, spoiler lists, etc, but it will always be about Magic: The Gathering at its core.

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Thanks for stopping by! Take your time exploring the site/blogs and I hope you find something of interest!