Meta MTG's Magic Mixer theme was a lot of fun! And, surprisingly, I barely hit any snags. Some letters didn't have any viable Magic: The Gathering product, but I think I handled them well enough! One of the funnest aspects of this challenge was making Booster Pack Opening videos, which I've wanted to do for a long time. I even had an exciting first video in the series!

Even though I only bought product from retailers charging standard MSRP (aside from Modern Masters 2017), the cost really started to add up fast! Thankfully, I pulled cards from the first handful of booster batches that met or surpassed that cost! Of course, I'd have to see said cards to make that money back and if you know me, that's unlikely to happen... Soooo... Yeah.

I will probably try to keep up on Magic content via YouTube with continued booster/box openings, but I'll have to make sure it's worth the price of admission. No sense in shelling out money when there's nothing of value in said product. This A to Z Challenge was an exception, because I definitely bought and opened product that didn't have any significant value. But I did it for the people! All two or three of them that watched!

As for next year's theme? It's all up in the air for now, but I hope to see you all again!

Did you participate in the A to Z Challenge 2017 event? If so, how was your experience? What aspects did you really like? Which do you think failed? Will you participate again? Did you enjoy the Booster Pack Opening videos? Were there any cards I pulled that you liked more than the others? Did you enjoy the non-video entries? What Magic theme would you like to see next year?