A to Z 2017: THE OPEN ROAD

Rain pelleted the car, the sky continuing its downpour. Even at the highest setting, the wipers only gave brief flashes of the road. It was too dark to take in any of the mundane scenery. The lack of thunder and lightning — something boisterous and extravagant — made it easy to drift and get lost in thought. To drown out the rest of the world.

The original plan of laying low, keeping his movements under the radar, was slowly unraveling. He felt certain that the first few incidents were untraceable. When first introduced to the seductive energy flowing through him, it was tapped into cautiously. Things may have gotten messy, but that wasn't because of an overabundance, just a lack of focus. In fact, he thought that whatever reserves he was accessing were limited. Quite possibly finite and able to be completely exhausted.

Without that source, that vibrant channel of energy, what was he? Who was he?

He quickly learned that line of thinking was erroneous, reaching the conclusion that the enigmatic origin of his power was not only potentially limitless, but high maintenance. There was almost a constant urge to feed his newfound obsession. An insatiable hunger. It was always there, hunting the outskirts of his impulses, waiting to strike unexpectedly the moment he let his guard down.

One moment he was in control, the next in an ever persistent tug-of-war with his inner sadistic inclinations. Inclinations that could seriously hinder his ability to reach his destination before being caught. Caught. The thought made him laugh. No one would be taking him alive. Especially if they knew the death toll he was quickly racking up. That cop, though, was an accident. That death alone could get him the chair. Why stop now? Go big or go home.

Even joking in such a fashion caused the desire to surge. Taunting him to put his money where his mouth was. Even though he had done just that earlier in the evening. What he did to that man was no accident. That was giving in and relinquishing control. It felt like nothing he had ever felt before. The exquisite rush and pure ecstasy. His own fear. Fear of being unable to reign it all back in once unleashed. And despite it all, the thirst persisted and pleaded to be quenched.

An approaching car's headlights caught in his mirror causing him to squint and return his attention to his driving. He cracked the window, paying little mind to the droplets taking advantage and penetrating the interior of the car. The other vehicle switched lanes and sped ahead of him, its exhaust momentarily tainting the crisp, rain-laced scent of the open road.

There was still time to fine-tune and hone his skills before reaching his final destination. To tame the beast growling just beneath the surface. Otherwise he was nothing more than a wild animal.

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