Dr. Killjoy rode alone in the back of the luxurious SUV, holding a drink in one hand and a phone up to his ear with the other. The windows, along with a partisan between himself and the driver, were tinted and he assumed bulletproof. He doubted that a situation had ever arisen to properly test their agency-assured protection out in the field. The partisan ensured privacy as he conducted his business.

"...said and done. The contingency plan was initiated at the first signs of a potential breach, just as protocol dictates." He stifled a yawn, careful to make sure the individual on the other end of the conversation didn't hear. Everyone seemed to be in panic mode over recent events. "All of the important data, equipment, and subjects have been retained."

"And the rest?" asked a woman on the other end, her voice was raised an octave, in urgency.

"The rest have been taken care of. Again, as protocol dictates. There's really nothing more to say on the matter, as far as I'm concerned.

"Nothing more to say? Are you fucking kidding me, Killjoy?" He moved the phone away from his ear and took a sip of his alcoholic beverage. "We have an escapee and no idea if any other facilities are compromised. Was the test subject a direct result from taking Trinity?"

Killjoy weighed his options. "Yes, he was one successfully triggered by the drug," he lied. The expected retort over the use of "successful" was expected. "You know what I mean. And the other facilities aren't in jeopardy, this was an isolated event."

"I know what you mean? I never know what you mean exactly. That maniac went on a killing spree and we have no idea what all he knows or what he will tell authorities when they inevitably find him. You just laugh it off like it's no big deal."

"Minor details in the bigger picture. Last reports seem to indicate the subject was eliminated in the blast taking place at Faraday Park. We both know you don't give a shit about anyone who lost their lives, just the issues it could pose if anything were to lead back to you, which I'm trying to get through to you, won't be a problem." He couldn't help but laugh. "You know our goal isn't aimed at creating the next batch of merry homemakers."

"Fine. Let's say that the best case scenario involving the psychopath is true, he's dead. What about Geist? Is he just a meaningless technicality?" Dr. Killjoy knew it wasn't. "The good doctor just disappears, coincidentally at the same time as that freak show starts making the city his fucking playground?"

"He'll be found. I believe he was injured in the incident." He knew. He briefly reminisced watching it all taking place, admittedly hoping more would have come from the spectacle. "It's very likely he's seeking out medical assistance, so I can't believe it will be hard for your people to hunt him down."

"Our people," the woman agreed. "You are our people."

The doctor set his drink in one of the cup-holders available to him and took a deep breath. "What are you getting at?"

"What I'm getting at is that this is your mess, Killjoy, and you're going to clean it up. Do you understand me?" Before he could respond she continued. "You find Geist and determine if he's a liability. If he is, you make sure he isn't able to say a goddamn word about fucking anything. You understand? He knows way too much." Dr. Killjoy raised a hand to massage his forehead. "And if that maniac is still out there on the loose, so help me God, you better make sure you find him before the authorities. Do you understand?"


"No, you listen. There's no 'lead back to you' bullshit about this. Only us. You aren't somehow exempt. The driver is already in route to rendevouz with your team. Find your partner, find your pet lab rat. It shouldn't be hard to correct such insignificant complications. You're a fucking genius after all, right?" The line went dead.


Killjoy slid his cellphone into his pocket, looking out the window and verifying that the driver had, indeed, deviated from their original destination. As much as he was intrigued by their escaped test subject, he hoped he had been killed in the bombing being reported on the news. No amount of bulletproofing would protect someone from that beast.

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