Apparently some of the controversy surrounding Moana didn't stop the movie from taking the number one position at the box office this weekend with 56M$! I thought for sure that Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them would have remained top dog for a few weeks in a row. I also spied that Allied ended in the top 5, nuzzled between Doctor Strange and Arrival.

I know Halloween is over, but apparently many films missed the boat. Rather than a late September/early October release date, these horror flicks are releasing over the Winter months...

Incarnate (12/2/2016):

Carice van Houten (Game of Thrones, The Fifth State), Aaron Eckhart (No Reservations, Neverwas), David Mazouz (Gotham, The Darkness), and Catalina Sandino Moreno (The Affair, Falling Skies) star in this psychological horror thriller about a scientist who performs exorcisms (or not) by way of entering the subconscious of victims possessed by demons. Throughout all of this, it looks like Eckhart's character is going to be plagued by his own past, which will interfere with him attempting to save a young child.

I like the concept and I like Arron Eckhart, but I'm not completely sold to the point where I'd be seeing this in the theater. The cinematography looks good and hopefully it isn't full of cheesy scare tactics. A few of my other concerns are the fact that this was meant to come out September 30th, but was pushed back, and fearing a potentially not-so-well thought out twist ending. But who knows, I'd give it a chance!

Pet (12/2/2016):

Pet seems fairly disturbing, but I can't deny that Dominic Monaghan (The Day, LOST) appears to play the role of a disillusioned stalker really well. He gives off a super creepy vibe. But then again, so does Ksenia Solo (The Factory, Life Unexpected) in her role as Holly, Seth's obsession piece. I can't really tell what that character's damage is, but some of her moments highlighted in the trailer made me flinch!

As for the trailer itself, I think it's really well made. A good introduction to the characters and a light build up of events that will transpire. Hopefully they haven't shown too much, but this kind of movie is likely to have some secret reveal towards the end. However, leaving out any of the psychotic antics of Solo's character would have made those revelations a lot more impactful.

Jennette McCurdy (Bling, iCarly) also stars.

The Eyes of My Mother (12/2/2016):

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Friend Request (12/9/2016):

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Split (1/20/2017):

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Did any of the featured movies interest you?