As expected, Rogue One maintained its number one slot at the box office over the holiday weekend, bringing in roughly another 64M$. That brings its total, over a two week span, to just over 285M$! I believe that means it is already out-grossing Doctor Strange, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and Moana. Filling in the rest of the Top 5 is Sing, Passengers, Why Him?, and Assassin's Creed. That last one, pulling in a measly 17M$ may put another nail in the video game movie adaptation coffin...

Last week I highlighted a handful of dramas coming out over the next few months. The Winter holiday seasons can be depressing enough, so I thought I better balance that out with some comedies!

Bastards (1/27/2017):

Well, it's definitely no Step Brothers, which I really liked, but it may not be sooooo bad. I have to be honest, though, that there were very few moments I even chuckled during the trailer. Ving Rhames (Mission: Impossible II, Pulp Fiction) triggered one of those. As for the pairing of Owen Wilson (No Escape, Inherent Vice) and Ed Helms (Vacation, The Office)? Not completely sold. They are both great in comedic roles, but they seem to play the same character in many of their movies. Typecast. But they have some great co-star power in J.K. Simmons (The Words, Contraband) and Glenn Close (The Girl with All the Gifts, 5 to 7), which makes the film more appealing. Unfortunately, likely as a Netflix/Redbox viewing...

Maybe Bastards needs a Red-Band trailer? It may offer a more robust comedic feel that this trailer just seems to lack. Terry Bradshaw (Failure to Launch, Robots) and Katt Williams (Scary Movie 5, Norbit) also star.

On a random note, I'm reminded of a two-part episode of South Park where Cartman is attempting to find out who his father is...

The Comedian (2/3/2017):

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Fist Fight (2/17/2017):

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Wilson - Red-Band Trailer (3/24/2017):

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Going in Style (4/7/2017):

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Baywatch - Teaser Trailer (5/26/2017):

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Did any of the featured movies interest you?