A to Z 2016 : TRADING

Tonight is a short post about one of the newest game system/mechanics added to The Division in the Incursions Update 1.1 — Trading. The game didn't launch with ability to trade and many players voiced their desire to have the ability to do so. While the developers did listen, I found the chosen method of trading odd.

Trading can be done anywhere in the Open World, at least I think (except in the Base of Operations, I assume), don't quote me! In the Dark Zone, however, it can only be done at Checkpoints and/or Safe Rooms.

I should also note that at this time only items that are dropped (not crafted and/or obtained from crates) off of NPCs are able to be traded.

Items that can be traded will be marked with the new Trade symbol, which looks like two half arrows pointing in opposite direction. As long as you see this icon, it can be shared. Some caveats to this are: items can only be traded for up to an hour after they dropped and only to fellow agents who were a part of your party when the drop occurred. Both of these restrictions are noted at the bottom of each item's information section (as shown in the picture above).

And when it comes to the actual trading aspect, this is where I found the system to be odd. Basically, to share the item you simply drop it on the ground. Then anyone who is tagged as being a viable recipient for that item may pick it up. Meaning even if you are wanting to have a shared item go to a specific person, you want to make sure you are the only ones there (or the only ones able to pick up the item) or trust your other teammates present.

I'm not exactly sure why a direct player to player trade option wasn't the route they took (maybe it wasn't feasible?), but having any kind of trade system is a great addition to the game and a step up on some of The Division's competition!

Have you used the trading system in The Division? What do you like and/or dislike about it? What would you like to see added to the trading system?