A to Z 2016 : XP BOOSTS

That Wings of a BoO was kind of a lengthy post, but I feel a lot was covered! For this entry I'd like to aim a little lighter. "X" was already a tough one for options, but I thought a quick discussion on one attribute that's fairly sought after would be nice. That attribute and/or bonus is +XP %. XP is the abbreviation for Experience Points.


There are a few different flavors of this attribute. One is in the form of Perks that are unlocked as you upgrade your Security Wing. The one shown above is Combat Veteran and increases XP gained from Accolades by 25%. Those are things like Headshots and Multi-kills. The very first upgrade on that list, Experienced Agent, is another I highly recommend getting as soon as you can as it offers a flat 10% increase to all XP gained!

Then there is the Increased Kill XP +% attribute found on various gear and mods. The High-End Knee Pads below also have a Talent very similar to the Perk featured above. These offer even more opportunities to score some extra experience points.

The main reason this is a valuable attribute is because the game revolves around leveling up your agent in both the Open World and the Dark Zone (DZ). This isn't so bad in the Open World with all the Missions, Encounters, and random Intel XP on your way to Level 30. But when it comes to the DZ, with a Rank cap of 99 (and not to mention the ability to lose XP), you'll need all the help you can get!

What level are you in the Open World? How about your Dark Zone Rank? What pieces of gear do you use to boost your XP gain? What's your current +XP% gain total?