A to Z 2016 : GREEN POISON

The Green Poison (AKA The Dollar Flu) was the name given to the virus that serves as the backdrop of The Division. The first documented outbreak was Black Friday, passing originally via bill notes, eventually reaching pandemic levels. While New York City was believed to be Ground Zero for the outbreak, other major cities around the globe have reported similar events.

Some of the of the only information known is that it's a mutation of the Smallpox genome. It spreads faster and is a much deadlier strain. There are very few individuals who have been immune to the contagion, being a minority of the populace. You may, or may not be, one of the "lucky" ones...

There is no known cure, and one can't be manufactured until knowing more about the virus itself. That's where your assistance, being an Agent of the Strategic Homeland Division (The Division), will come into play with helping Dr. Jessica Kendal track down samples and data so a vaccine can be created, if one can be created.

It's suspected that the strain was manufactured and intentionally used as a biological weapon. If this is the case, the individuals and motives involved remain unknown, but the name Dr. Gordon Amherst has come up. He is a prolific scientist that Dr. Kendal knows and has held contempt for, given his extreme viewpoints, some of which have come close to causing riots at his seminar/speeches. This spurs the good Dr. even further in her hunt for any information she can gather about the virus's origins.

Due to the nature of how the virus was initially spread, those who die from the disease are said to be "cashing out"...

Don't "cash out", agent!

Do you think it's possible for such a virus to mutate and/or be engineered? Do you think we could see pandemics caused by similar viruses in the future? What would you do if faced with such an event?