Suicide Squad continues its lead at the box office, which isn't much of a surprise. There was the chance that Pete's Dragon or Sausage Party would knock it down a peg or two. Pete's Dragon had an underwhelming opening weekend. Sausage Party, hitting $35M, came in second and that's pretty good given it's an R rated animation.

Tonight's features are horror/thriller releases. I'm not a hardcore horror fan, but I must admit, many of these look pretty decent. I may not see them in theaters, but am very interested in checking them out once they hit Netflix/Redbox.

Don't Breathe (8/26/2016):

There seems to be a new fad (maybe it's not new?) in horror movies, in which someone(s) attempt to take advantage or harm an individual, but end up having the tables turned on them. Then they hunters become the hunted. In Don't Breathe you have a group (Jane Levy — Evil Dead, Suburgatory, Dylan Minnette — Goosebumps, Prisoners) breaking into a house to rob an old man (Stephen Lang — Avatar, The Men Who Stare at Goats), but find they bite off more than they can chew. Their intended victim is obviously a bit on the psychopathic side and the burglars end up having to fight for their survival.

I really like the first trailer's pacing and build up into the plotline, without giving too much away. I may have missed it, but I can't understand how it is they get stuck in the house and can't simply get away after the guy leaves. Either way, I'm looking forward to this one.

Morgan - Teaser Trailer (9/2/2016):

I had to debate on the teaser trailer of full trailer on this one. I read in the comments on YouTube that the full trailer seemingly reveals and gives a lot away, even potentially the ending, so I opted for the teaser.

I have to say that this movie intrigues me. It's about a genetically engineered human, Morgan (Anya Taylor-Joy — Atlantis, The Witch), and a risk management consultant, played by Kate Mara (The Martian, Shooter), who has to determine whether or not to terminate said individual. I'd imagine (or hope) that there's many ethical and moral ideologies explored, given the basis of killing a living thing and the debate if said living thing is actually considered human or not. From the teaser we are shown how quickly Morgan has grown and adapted, to the point where she surpasses standard Human capabilities in both physical and mental prowess. Then seemingly becoming violent.

The film also stars Jennifer Jason Leigh (The Machinist, Road to Perdition), Paul Giamatti (The Illusionist, Sideways), Michael Yare (Utopia, Game of Thrones), and Toby Jones (Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The Hunger Games). A lot of talented actors, so hopefully the script is one that's been fleshed out. Morgan has been compared to the movie Lucy (if presented in horror/thriller form) and sharing a lot of similar plot points as the game F.E.A.R., so I have high hopes!

Before I Wake (9/9/2016):

A movie starring Thomas Jane (The Mist, Dreamcatcher) and involving dreams?! Sold! This trailer has a great build up filled with intriguing visual effects and tension, which I'm assuming the movie will be full of. I really like the concept of a little child's dreams manifesting. Add in the nightmare fuel and you got a potentially engaging horror movie. I'm really hoping there are some great cinematic scenes and that the main nightmare creature/entity, which is teased, remains hidden throughout much of the movie. More of the implied evil, rather than right in your face right from the start.

Kate Bosworth (Still Alice, Blue Crush) and Jacob Tremblay (Room, The Smurfs 2) round out the main cast of Before I Wake. Definitely seeing this one.

Blair Witch (9/16/2016):

It's back! Originally hidden under the title The Woods, Blair Witch was revealed at this year's Comic Con. It wasn't for everyone, and some may even curse it for the trend it inspired, but the original movie championed the "found footage" and "shaky cam" directing format. I still remember parts of the original, especially the end, because there was a house we dubbed "The Hand House" where I grew up that was eerily similar to the one in The Blair Witch Project. Overall, I enjoyed the original. It was creepy and many people actually believed the movie to be true. Even some time after the movie's release. The sequel was different (I believe standard movie format, no shaky cam) and not as captivating for me. I don't remember much beyond some weird, fucked up dance/ritual scene.

This third installment seems to blend both standard filming and "lost footage" techniques. The storyline also appears to include direct connection back to the first movie. The main character's sister being one of the original group exploring the woods haunted by the alleged Blair Witch. Given I liked the original so much, I may give this movie a chance. It looks very similar to the original, though, but maybe more modern. Hopefully they don't follow the same beats, but that seems to be the new fad in Hollywood.

Wes Robinson (Roadies, Mad Men), Corbin Reid (Disney Star Darlings, Words with Girls), and Valorie Curry (The Following, The Twilight Sage: Breaking Dawn — Part 2) star.

Ouija: Origin of Evil (10/21/2016):

I was ready to write this movie off as nothing more than a cheap, schlocky horror flick, with little substance, hoping to cash in on the Halloween season. Instead I was pleasantly surprised by the trailer. It was very well done and stylized much like I imagine the movie will be. This looks like it may be a good movie. You have an Ouija board, demonic possession, creepy music, Elliot from E.T.? What more could you want?! The plot may not be anything exceedingly new, but it appears to be told in a fashion that will pull me in. And again, Henry Thomas (Gangs of New York, Legends of the Fall), who I hardly see in movies these days, if ever!

The film also stars Kate Siegel (Hush, Oculus) and Doug Jones (Hellboy, Adaptation.). I'm hoping this one turns out to be an enjoyable watch.

Did any of the featured movies interest you? Do you think it's very realistic to be stuck in a house with a psychopathic blind man? Do you know any blind psychopaths? Do you find the plot of Morgan intriguing? Would you consider someone (or something) born completely through genetic manipulation Human? What would manifest if your dreams came to life as you slept? Are you prone to nightmares? Did you ever watch The Blair Witch Project? Are you excited for this next installment? What's the last movie you saw Henry Thomas in? Have you had any creepy experiences with an Ouija board?