As expected, Jason Bourne took over this weekend's number one box office slot, bringing in almost $60M. Not bad for the franchises fifth movie. Everything else shifted down the line, but once again, Ghostbusters seems to take the biggest hit, dropping to seventh. This coming weekend should belong to Suicide Squad, but we'll see if Bourne keeps fighting the good fight.

Tonight I'm highlighting movies based on/inspired by true events/stories. There was more than I expected so I stopped at six and plan to get to he others soon enough. As usual, it's likely many of these are fairly sensationalized and exaggerated, but that's nothing new with Hollywood.

Florence Foster Jenkins (8/12/2016):

This film featuring Meryl Streep (Doubt, The Devil Wears Prada), Hugh Grant (About a Boy, Notting Hill), and Simon Helberg (The Big Bang Theory, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog) look really heartwarming. The trailer is emotional and inspiring, and I think they payoff is kind of spoiled, but I may be wrong. Either way, I feel a little weird being it revolves around someone of high society fulfilling their dreams of being a performer. Granted, everyone has dreams, rich and poor alike, but I mean, it's likely the connections these people had that made any of this possible. I've always wanted to be a singer, but suck, and I know I wouldn't be afforded the same opportunity.

Both Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant look great in these roles and I think they have an abundance of chops to make this a very inspirational performance. I do wish the trailer didn't potentially spoil the ending, but for all I know it could take a sudden, tragic twist. Then cue the waterworks!

Anthropoid (8/12/2016):

I love war movies. I believe the last I saw was Fury. Most focus on Vietnam or WWII, and Anthropoid is no different. Though, this one centers around the attempt to assassinate SS General Reinhard Heydrich, the Reich's third in command. Despite loving war movies and intrigued by historical event, I've never heard of this operation and therefore am clueless of what transpires.

The trailer does a great job at building up the tension and suspense, as I'm sure the movie is wrought with strong sense of paranoia. I am unfamiliar with Jamie Dornan (Fifty Shades of Grey, The Fall), but have enjoyed many performances by Cillian Murphy (Inception, Batman Begins) and am looking forward to seeing this movie. This may have a limited release, so it may be a Redbox/Netflix viewing for me.

War Dogs (8/19/2016):

Now this movie is likely to be full of fluffed BS. Don't get me wrong, I love Jonah Hill (Moneyball, Superbad) and have come to like Miles Teller (Fantastic Four, The Spectacular Now) after seeing him in Whiplash, but you're definitely going to have to suspend your disbelief as this story unfolds. The trailer shows the stylized form the movie will take, which I like, and the plot is going to be fueled by some sex, drugs, and copious amounts of violence. However, it should be fairly balanced with the comedy that these two bring. Their chemistry looked really good in the trailer.

I missed it the first time around, but you catch a glimpse of Bradley Cooper (Silver Linings Playbook, Limitless), which isn't too surprising as the director, Todd Phillips, was also behind The Hangover. I feel like this is a movie I would really enjoy, but taking the legitimacy of events with a grain of salt. The trailer is really good, as are the follow up trailers that have been released, and I'd recommend checking them out.

Southside with You (8/26/2016):

I agree with some that this is kind of an odd movie to be coming out while the central character is still in office, but it is what it is. I was indifferent when I first watched the trailer a few months ago and I'm still a bit indifferent rewatching it now.

It looks cute, nothing made me laugh out loud, but it will likely make a great date movie. It's also likely one of the least embellished true stories of all the movies featured tonight. At least I'm assuming. It's not really a mark against it, but it looks really slow. I guess not all first dates are action packed and full of shenanigans, even when it comes to the Commander-in-Chief (played by Parker Sawyers — Survivor, Zero Dark Thirty) and the First Lady (played by Tika Sumpter — Ride Along, The Haves and the Have Nots). I do, however, feel that this movie will capture some genuine sweet, memorable moments these two shared when they first began to date one another.

I'm really curious how well this one does in theaters.

Sully (9/9/2016):

I'm sure many are familiar with this miraculous event dubbed the "Miracle on the Hudson" from the news or documentaries or what have you. It was quite a feat by Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger (played by Tom Hanks — The Green Mile, Splash), which saved the lives of 155 aboard his plane at the time. This film looks to appeal to those who know the story and those who happen to be in the dark.

I can't say I recall any investigations being taken in attempts to blame the pilot for the crash or implicating he willingly endangered the lives of his passengers, knowing there was an alternate execution to take. This is probably drummed up drama for the sake of entertainment value. It will work within the confines of the film, but I highly doubt anything similar actually took place in regards to the real incident. And if it did, it was nothing as serious as implied by the film/trailer.

Sully is directed by Clint Eastwood (American Sniper, Gran Torino), and also stars Anna Gunn (Red State, Enemy of the State), Laura Linney (Mystic River, The Truman Show), and Arron Eckhart (Battle Los Angeles, Thank You for Smoking). Pretty much a solid combination and sure to deliver!

Deepwater Horizon (9/30/2016):

It was a toss-up between which trailer to post for Deepwater Horizon. The teaser trailer was very beautifully made, symbolic of the incident. This first full length trailer, though, gives a better idea about the movie and the event that inspired it. Like Sully, this is one that many people are bound to be familiar with, in which an offshore drilling rig exploded, causing the worst oil spill in U.S. history. It does, however, seem to show a lot.

All I know is, it seems to highlight two potential demises. Drowning and burning alive. Both are my nightmare...

Just like the tragic event itself, this movie looks like it's going to be very emotional. There may be some sprucing up of the plot to make it more action/adventure, but in the end it's a drama and I have no doubt that it will be pulling on some heartstrings. Always a fan of Mark Wahlberg (The Gambler, Lone Survivor) and Kurt Russell (Bone Tomahawk, Furious 7), they should make a decent pairing. Some supporting cast includes Kate Hudson (Mother's Day, Good People) and John Malkovich (Zoolander 2, Red 2), who I haven't seen in a movie for some time.

The acting looks great, drama intense, and hopefully the movie has pacing as good as the trailer.

Did any of the featured movies interest you? Have you ever wanted to be a singer? Do you think Florence Foster Jenkins will end on a tragic note? Are you familiar with Operation Anthropoid? Do you have a favorite WWII movie? Have you heard of the term War Dogs? Could you see yourself being a gun runner if receiving millions to do so? How do you think Southside with You will be? Do you have any memorable first dates? Are you familiar with the "Miracle on the Hudson"? Do you think the investigation into the pilot is made up for the sake of the movie? Do you recall the oil drilling rig catastrophe? How likely do you think you'd survive such an event?

Sorry, that last question is a bit morbid...