Sully steals the number one slot this past weekend, which is no surprise. It's been touted as being potential for Oscar nominations, so we'll see. Nothing else really got close to its numbers, but it was followed up by When the Bough Breaks. I suspect both will be toppled by a certain Western being released next week, The Magnificent Seven (holy crap, I still need to write my blurbs on that post)!

Tonight I present you with another hodgepodge of movies coming out over the next two weeks. Enjoy!

Bridget Jones's Baby (9/16/2016):

I was kind of surprised there was a third installment for this romantic comedy series. I remember the original being a success, but can't recall if the second was. As it is, despite liking the actors involved with the projects, I haven't seen any of them. In fact, I haven't seen Renee Zellweger (Chicago, Jerry Maguire) in anything for a long time. And now that she appears to be attempting a comeback, many are talking about the plastic surgery which rendered her near unrecognizable.

Hopefully that fact doesn't completely overshadow the movie, because from the trailer, it looks funny and really cute. While I haven't seen the first two, I'd have to assume that this film's quirkiness and shared chemistry between the characters remains true to them. The acting looks good, and while it may not be laugh out loud funny (at least from the trailer), it looks like a solid romcom.

Colin Firth (A Single Man, Love Actually),  Gemma Jones (Fragile, Sense and Sensibility), and Jim Broadbent (Cloud Atlas, Gangs of New York) reprise their roles, while Patrick Dempsey (Grey's Anatomy, Enchanted) plays the new love interest.

The Good Neighbor (9/16/2016):

James Caan (Elf, Misery) has been doing mostly Indy films now it seems and television parts since his Las Vegas series wrapped up. Seeing what little is shown from his performance throughout this trailer, I'm really wanting to see more. I also like the concept — making someone believe they are being haunted. It's a common small-scale prank with intent on making it more grandiose. It makes me wonder if anyone has actually attempted it in real life. Not those lame, fake staged "haunting" videos you can find readily on YouTube.

Logan Miller (The Standford Prison Experiment, Night Moves) and Keir Gilchrist (It Follows, Dead Silence) also star in the movie, playing the roles of the individuals setting up the experiment. The trailer does a great job of foreshadowing and building up the suspense without oversharing the plot and major twists, which many trailers are plagued with nowadays. I'll definitely be looking forward to seeing this thriller!

Wild Oats (9/16/2016):

Wild Oats stars Shirley MacLaine (Terms of Endearment, The Apartment) and Jessica Lang (American Horror Story, Cape Fear) who play best friends who go on a crazy adventure after one of them is mistakenly awarded a 5$ Mil insurance claim. I'm not extremely familiar with either actor, but I've heard of them and they seem to have a lot of chemistry together in the film. The plot isn't very original, but hopefully the shenanigans and interactions with their co-stars Demi Moore (Margin Call, Ghost) and Billy Connolly (Brave, The Boondock Saints) will more than make for that!

I really like the trailer, and it seems to hint at some unexpected developments unraveling. The movie is oddly listed as "Action" along with its other, more apparent, genres. Unless they mean... "action" action... dun Dun DUN!

It's not a movie I'd go rush out to see in theaters, but I wouldn't mind checking it out once it hits Redbox/Netflix. I think my grandma would really like it. And no, that's not a crack on old people...

The Dressmaker (9/23/2016):

Kate Winslet (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Titanic) returns home to a small town where she is anything but welcomed, in The Dressmaker. The trailer gives away that she possibly was involved in someone's death and that she is still being blamed or punished for it, but it will probably end up not being what it seems. Either way, I'm not exactly sure what her possible end game of revenge may be, if that's the case, as she goes about dressing up the town. Liam Hemsworth (The Hunger Games, The Last Song) inevitably plays the designated local heartthrob, who has apparently not yet found a woman worthy of his time, until Winslet comes along...

Who knows, maybe it will be a really good movie, the trailer is! It just isn't one that really intrigues me. I'll wait and read some reviews, which hopefully won't spoil any of the storyline, specifically the revelation if she is guilty of a murder. Judy Davis (To Rome with Love, Deconstructing Harry) and Hugo Weaving (V for Vendetta, The Matrix) also star.

Goat (9/23/2016):

And our final movie trailer is for Goat, featuring Ben Schnetzer (Warcraft: The Beginning, The Book Thief), Nick Jonas (Careful What You Wish For, Camp Rock), Danny Flaherty (The Wolf of Wall Street, Hope Springs), and James Franco (This is the End, 127 Hours). The trailer is really good, slowly building up the intensity with interjected moments of debauchery. The acting seems really good, especially between the brothers and Franco. And the style/cinematography is also appealing.

What I'm worried about, though, is the content. Not that their is drinking and sex and some violence. But the hazing scenes, and the continued over-the-top depravity each instance will attempt to outdo itself. It clearly shows the trajectory, and I'm not sure I could handle scenes that I can only imagine being hard for me to watch and/or stomach. I may wait to hear some reviews first, despite wanting to watch it.

The scariest part to me is that these kinds of abuse and hazing actually occur, even still today, in some sick, sadistic attempt to create a brotherhood bond. Not something I'm jealous of, that's for sure...

Did any of the featured movies interest you? Are you excited for the third installment of the Bridget Jones movies? Does the plastic surgery Renee Zellweger underwent in any way deter you from wanting to see the movie? Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever had someone prank you into believing you were experiencing a haunting? Are you familiar with Shirley Maclaine and Jessica Lang? What would you do if you were awarded 5$ million by mistake from an insurance claim? Do you think Kate Winslet's character in The Dressmaker was involved in a murder? Or do you think she is out for revenge, or both?! Are you a part of a fraternity or sorority? To become a member was their any harsh hazing involved?