It comes as no surprised that Disney's Beauty and the Beast completely dominated the box office this weekend. It pulled in 170M$, while Kong: Skull Island sunk to number two with almost 29M$. Logan, Get Out, and The Shack round out the top five with 17.5M$, 13M$, and 6M$ respectively. I don't think anything releasing this weekend will dethrone Beauty and the Beast. Out of CHIPS, Life, or Power Rangers, however... I'm guessing Power Rangers has the best chance? Please don't be CHIPS...

Below is a mixed bag of mostly drama and comedies releasing over the next two months.

Gifted (4/7/2017):

Finally a decent role outside of Captain America for heartthrob Chris Evans (Before We Go, The Iceman). Okay, maybe Snowpiercer is good, I haven't yet seen it. I do hope he continues his Marvel franchise, but it's always good to explore more obscure projects. Nothing has seemed to turn out well when doing so for him, though. Hopefully this changes that.

Gifted looks incredibly sweet and heartwarming. And very likely a tearjerker! The trailer does a great job unfolding the story without giving too much away and offers a glimpse at the great chemistry between the cast. Particularly between Evans and Mckeena Grace (Once Upon a Time, Mr. Church), as well as Evans and Lindsay Duncan (Sherlock, About Time). I'm not sure if this will do great in theaters, but I think it offers an emotional story that will stick with those who see it. I'll definitely be seeing it at some point myself, whether on the big screen or small.

Jenny Slate (Landline, The Secret Life of Pets) and Octavia Spencer (The Shack, Hidden Figures) also star.

Unforgettable (4/21/2017):

Well, they may have found the perfect role for Katherine Heigl (Home Sweet Hell, New Year's Eve)! Okay, that may not be fair, but I continually hear how much of a nightmare she is to work with. Maybe she's simmered down now? Either way, she looks the part and comes off increasingly unhinged and creepy as hell. All those evil stares... I guess I'd be a creep and always stare at Rosario Dawson (Iron First, Trance) too, because she is just so awesome! I'm glad Dawson is still doing a lot outside of the Marvel series on Netflix.

Overall this is a really well done trailer, in how it's pieced together and music selection, but it's just way, way too long. Not only that, but it obviously looks like everything is shown in chronological order. It's like pieces from every ten minutes of the film were just spread out in a row and spliced together. I'm not even sure if there is anything not spoiled in the trailer, to be honest. Maybe I should have placed up a "spoiler" warning? Unfortunately this takes away most of my interest in seeing this film outside of streaming. Sorry Rosario, I guess it's still just Netflix for the two of us...

Unforgettable also stars Geoff Stults (The Odd Couple, The Opposite Sex).

How to Be a Latin Lover (4/28/2017):

Salma Hayek (Sausage Party, Everly) and Eugenio Derbez (The Book of Life, Girl in Progress) star in this comedy about a gold-digging, self-envisioned love guru, who is eventually forced to give up his dream of the easy life and live with his sister. Where he can obviously pass on his fountain of knowledge to his nephew, played by Raphael Alejandro (Kindergarten Cop 2, Badge of Honor).

I didn't really laugh much throughout the trailer, with the exception of some scenes with great supporting actors like Rob Lowe (Code Black, Monster Trucks), Kristen Bell (The Boss, Zootopia), and Rob Riggle (Modern Family, Opening Night). Maybe if there are some good slapping moments with Salma that haven't already been shown in the trailer? It's obviously a running gag.

While some moments look cute between Derbez and Alejandro, I'm definitely expecting this to be a Netflix/Redbox viewing for me.

Sleight (4/28/2017):

Out of this batch, Sleight is the movie I'm most interested in. This may or may not be because of how it appears to be more of a slow burn superhero-esque film. Not just a straight up in-your-face blatant action. At least I'm hoping that the storyline has a paced build up like the trailer presents. At first I thought some scenes betrayed a potentially smaller budget, and it may be less when compared to standard summer blockbusters, but I really liked the cinematography and what was shown.

I believe I'm unfamiliar with most almost all of the main cast — Jacob Latimore (The Maze Runner, Ride Along), Seychelle Gabriel (The Legend of Korra, Falling Skies), and Dule Hill (Gravy, Psyche). This may make the movie more enjoyable for me anyhow. And apparently I really need to get on watching Psyche and Falling Skies! They are definitely series I've been interested in, but neglecting.

Anyhow, I'm highly intrigued by this project and I'm hoping this film about a down-on-his-luck street magician — trying to make a life for himself and his sister — turns superhero ends up being really good. It may not be getting a lot of hype, but could stir up some clout!

Snatched (5/12/2017):

Holy crap, it's Goldie Hawn (The First Wives Club, Bird on a Wire)! It's been ages, and while I'm not exactly super excited for this movie, I am excited to see her attempting a come back to the big screen! From my understanding, people are pretty much bashing this movie because of Amy Schumer (Trainwreck, Seeking a Friend for the End of the World). I'm not sure if this is about her stand-up comedy, the alleged claims she steals jokes from other comedians, her political stances or what, but I'm fairly unfamiliar with all of it.

This movie looks like a decent light action/comedy flick, and I know there's an Red-Band trailer out there, so hopefully there's much funnier bits overall that couldn't be offered in this one. I never saw Trainwreck, though I thought it looked good, so I can't say whether or not I'm much for Schumer as an actor. The chemistry between her and Hawn, though, looks good in the trailer.

I guess I'm curious how this one does, because the hate the film is already getting doesn't bode well for Hawn's return. Christopher Meloni (Marauders, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For), Wanda Sykes (Black-ish, Bad Moms), and Randall Park (Office Christmas Party, The Meddler) also star.

Did any of the featured movies interest you?