A to Z 2017: ALT-J

Welcome to Jak's Jukebox, where throughout the A to Z Challenge 2017 I will be sharing with you the bands and artists that I love! Some will be from my childhood, some I just recently became exposed to and can't shake their entrancing melodies.

I began with a hard decision right out of the gate, as there were many choices for the letter A. I eventually went with alt-J (I'm sorry Alice in Chains, A Perfect Circle, Alien Ant Farm, and Abba!), a newer addition to my musical lexicon. I heard alt-J for the first time from a Spotify "Discover Weekly" playlist, where the music app attempts to create a list based off of your preferences/history. It generally does a decent job, and when I heard "Every Other Freckle" I was instantly hooked!

Take a listen:

Yeah? Pretty sweet, right? Even if not quite jiving with the beat, I think their music videos alone have an impressive artistic and production value. This is one of my favorites:

From there the floodgates were opened and alt-J was let into my life at full tilt. If having to be honest, I believe I like just about every song on their two released albums An Awesome Wave and This is All Yours. Some of them have inspired my writing, which I will be sharing separately on I, Jak's The Soundtrack of Imagination blog series.

Oh, I'm sorry, am I in your way? Were you attempting to check out another of their music videos? By all means:

There are plenty more where that came from. In fact, I'm actually quite surprised with how many of their songs are complimented with an official video. Generally, I feel an artist usually only gets between one and three, at most, per album...

Speaking of albums, I'm excited that alt-J's next project is close to being released and they have released some singles from it. Here was the first:

I dunno about you, but I think they still got it!

Alt-J's third album, RELAXER, drops June 9th, 2017 and I can't wait!

Have you heard of alt-J? If so, do you like their music? Do you have a favorite song? If new to alt-J, what did you think about some of the music videos shared? Are they an artist you think you'd like to hear more of?