A to Z 2017: LOCAL H

Local H has long been one of my favorite alternative bands from the 90's. Unfortunately I can't claim that I knew them before they struck some commercial success, "Bound for the Floor" from the duo's second studio album, As Good As Dead, being the first song I heard over the airwaves:

I eventually got that album and listened to it in its entirety countless times. I was also lucky enough to see them perform live (I believe at multiple outdoor music festivals, they were kind of regulars), but was never able to talk to them personally or garnish an autograph. A friend of mine, however, had the honor and at least mentioned to them how much his friend (me!) loved them. He (my friend) was probably pretty trashed (maybe the band was too?), but all I know is I heard this story that apparently ended without him getting an autograph for me! To be fair, it's always better to get it yourself in person... but still!

Local H has put out quite a few albums, but I can't skip one of my favorites from As Good As Dead, "Fritz's Corner":

I love that song! I know another friend of mine who would play that song just to piss of someone he was dating, because it apparently reminded her of me? I dunno...

I recall watching an interview with Local H and the singer, Scott Lucas, complaining about when playing live and asking the audience what they wanted to hear, that they always called out for the mainstream singles released. "Fritz's Corner" was mentioned with him responding along the lines of: "Yeah, we'll get to it, Fuckers." I never knew that song was mainstream and always on the playlist, but I don't care. They better play it at every concert!

Only two more selections available and too many choices to pick from, so I'm going to go with "Hands on the Bible" from their fourth release, Here Comes the Zoo:

For some reason I thought there were official videos for these songs, but so far I've only found one for the first. I find that a bit odd, but makes complete sense for the songs on their latest release, Hey, Killer. This is the only Local H album I'm unfamiliar with. It came out in 2015 and was apparently funded by a crowdsourcing campaign, which is pretty cool. Obviously it was a success since it was produced and released, but it may explain why there aren't any official music videos for it.

Since they are all new to me, I picked a random song from the track list. Here's "One of Us":

I'm definitely going to give the rest of this album a listen! Given the method Local H decided to raise funds for producing Hey, Killer, I'm uncertain if they will repeat that process or go back to more traditional means.

As a band that is still in action, with new releases every two to four years, I'm hoping they are ramping up to another album! Maybe I'll even get to see them live again, and maybe, just maybe, score an autograph!

Did you enjoy the songs/videos? Are you familiar with Local H? Do you have a favorite song and/or album? Have you ever seen them live? If so, how was the performance? Do you know and/or like any other duo bands? Have you ever seen one of your favorite bands live and gotten an autograph after the show?