Like Filter, this was another band that was featured on a handful of soundtracks and sport an industrial style. While they definitely weren't a one-hit-wonder band, I feel that despite the popularity of their original album that they just never fully got off the ground thereafter. Their first major single was "Guilty":

For that brief blip in time they seemed to be all the rage. I remember listening to the whole CD countless times, but there were four or five tracks that got a little more wear and tear. One of those was "Enough", which I still can get down with today:

I'm glad that I was able to see Gravity Kills live at a music festival back in the day, they put on a great show. I believe I read that the keyboardist injured their hand and if you saw how he performs (you can see some of it in that video above), I have no doubt it could have occurred while on tour. He gets crazy!

Even though I and others were ready for more it appeared that the public at large had already had enough... Their next releases (especially their third album) were met with very mediocre success. I admit that I still found myself drawn to their self-titled album more than delving into their newer work. Unfortunately their clout in the music industry began "Falling" at free fall speeds:

Interestingly enough, they never really changed their sound, but I just saw that the band had some weird issues with a lot of the proposed singles off their second release, Perversion. They argued against many selections chosen by their record label, stating that they would never play those songs live, which I find kind of asinine. Maybe they were a headache to deal with?

I don't even know if I purchased Superstarved, Gravity Kills' third and final outing. Except I do recall the Depeche Mode cover of "Personal Jesus", which I liked a lot:

A random Fun Fact: Two of my high school friends shared the not-so-common last names (albeit it different spellings) of two band members. I believe those members (if not the whole band) signed their shirts at the aforementioned music festival.

Also, after listening to more of the third album on YouTube, I most definitely think I had owned it at one time. I recognize many of the tracks, and really, I don't think they are bad by any means. Again, they maintained a lot of their sound throughout all of their studio releases. And much to my surprise it is rumored that they are reuniting for a new album. Now that would be interesting and something I'd surely check out!

Did you enjoy the songs/videos? Are you familiar with Gravity Kills? Do you have a favorite song and/or album? Why do you think their popularity waned so fast? Have you ever seen them live? If so, how was the performance? Would you check out a new album if they put one out?