This year's A to Z Challenge was fairly easy on Generation Jak. I had most of my list prepped the first day, though most letters had multiple selections. Deciding which band to feature out of those selections was probably the hardest part! I was happy with the choices in the end. Besides, I can also highlight those that were sidelined in other ways on the site.

Each entry featured four songs/videos and blurbs, which may be a lot for those cruising by looking for a brief post to interact with during the blog hop, but I was hoping people would experience some new music and/or learn something new about bands they already know and love (I did).

I feel the theme was a success and I hope to kick-start some of my more musically influenced blog series on the site!

Thanks for following along and participating throughout the challenge! See you again next year!

Did you like any of the bands featured in Generation Jak's Jukebox themed challenge? Did you experience and enjoy any new music that you weren't familiar with? Which bands would you have chosen for each letter? Did you participate in the A to Z Challenge 2017? If so, how was your experience? If not, did you come across any themes that you liked a lot?