Nemesis of Reason (Alara Reborn) was a card I was clueless about for a long time because I wasn't actively playing Magic during the time its set/block was released. When discovering it, and its Mill powers, I wanted it! Plus it just looks sweet!

I eventually got two regular copies, they weren't very expensive, maybe $5. I would love to grab some foil copies, but I don't think there's any rush. Considering it has a 5 mana casting cost, I'm not sure how much competitive play it sees. Modern? Maybe casual Commander/EDH formats? Then again, being so cheap makes me think it's not played very much at all, even casually. Nemesis of Reason may be past its prime, but I'd still brew with it!

Have you ever played with Nemesis of Reason? If so, what kind of deck builds do you use it in? Is/was Nemesis of Reason played competitively?