Tonight I thought I would share some of the sealed product I have, offer a little divergence from the standard path. In the photo above is mostly my Commander/EDH collection. I have two of every Commander 2011 deck (three Heavenly Inferno) and two of every Commander 2013 deck (eleven Mind Seize).

I believe each of the original 2011 decks are valued close to $100, with Heavenly Inferno fetching a slightly higher price. The 2013 editions haven't really shifted in value to my knowledge. I obviously went a little overboard with the Mind Seize deck, but at the time it was really hard to find. I didn't know Wizards of the Coast would suddenly decide to double down on that particular deck's print run, during their second wave of shipments. That really suppressed the value.

In the middle there, you can see my playset of sealed Fire & Lightning premium decks. I don't think those are worth very much. I even got them at 50% off, they were so wide spread. Must have had a high printing.

On top of the Fire & Lightning playset is my sealed Planeshift booster box. You can catch a closer look to the side here. It's a shame that out of all of the booster boxes I've bought that Planeshift was the one I decided not to open (I can't even remember why). It isn't the most popular set, to say the least.

I also have a random Starter booster pack, a 3 booster pack with promo set. Then, last but certainly not least, what I find to be my most prized sealed possession: a sealed 3rd Edition/Revised Starter Deck. I'm not even sure how this thing survived. I know I once owned a 3rd Edition/Revised booster pack, as well, but it had long since been opened, ironically netting me one of my most coveted (but now completely worthless) cards — Shivan Dragon.

I love this Starter Deck so much that I have it locked away in its own private location! I'm not exactly sure how much it's worth, but I'd imagine a couple hundred. Either way, again, it's one of my most prized Magic: The Gathering possessions!

Do you own any sealed MTG product? If so, what? What's something you've opened over the years that you wish you'd have left sealed? Do you feel that saving sealed product is a good investment, rather than opening and selling while a product is popular?