A to Z 2016 : WASTELAND

Wasteland (Tempest), a staple in the Legacy format, has seen a fair share of printings over the last five years or so. Two Judge Promo foils (2010/2015), a Zendikar Expedition land in the Oath of the Gatewatch set, and now a limited print run in Eternal Masters, a set that will feature prominent cards throughout the history of Magic: The Gathering. I believe these are the reasons why my two Player Rewards promo foils have dropped in price recently. I thought they hovered around the $400 mark, but are now barely in the $200 range.

I'd like to believe that considering Wasteland is being bumped from an uncommon to a rare in Eternal Masters, and the fact that the Player Rewards promos aren't very plentiful, that the price will rebound, but I honestly don't know. It's a shame as I thought it was going to eventually compete with my Rishadan Port as my most expensive foil card.

I've never played with Wasteland, though I had a few builds I wanted to try out. I'm not sure they would have panned out. The Legacy format seems very set in its ways when it comes to top tier decks. There's always casual applications, but think it's best played competitively. Land destruction in general is fairly frowned upon in casual formats.

Completing this playset would be nice, but I can't lie, I really like the new art of the Eternal Masters version, so...

Have you ever played with Wasteland? If so, which deck did/do you use it in? Do you see it played outside of competitive Magic? Which version of Wasteland do you prefer in terms of art? Do you think the price of the Player Rewards promos will rebound? Are you excited for the reprint in Eternal Masters?