This is another card from my collection, that while it looks really good (and must have some competitive play value, because of its price), I haven't ever played with it. It sits at roughly $25 and has a foil Judge promo reaching close to $75. I wasn't even ware of the Judge promo, so that's pretty sweet, because I believe foils were still in the works during Urza's Saga, the set that Yawgmoth's Will released in.

Hmm I found it interesting, having just looked it up, that Yawgmoth's Will is banned in the Legacy format and restricted in Vintage. It's also associated with some Storm deck combos, where if it weren't banned/restricted there could be some full-fledged shenanigans. I guess I have no idea why I wouldn't have ever thought of using it in a Storm deck.

Have you ever played with Yawgmoth's Will? If so, which decks did you use it in? Are there other cards that are still spendy, even though they are banned and/or restricted from competitive play?