I can't help but share this card whenever finding the opportunity. Not only did I think it was an incredibly underrated card of its set (Theros), but a great multi-format card. I was certain it would gain value over time and so I decided to speculate and bought a few playsets...

One Daxos, two Daxos, three Daxos, fifty... Well, 47 (foils that is)...

One Daxos, two Daxos, three Daxos, fifty... Well, 47 (foils that is)...

But I was gravely mistaken about how popular Daxos would become. I mean, I still love the card. It seems full of value. It has some limited, built-in evasion (unable to be blocked by creatures with 3 power or greater), potential life gain, and the ability to cast an additional card, that isn't your own, with mana of any color to do so! I mean, Oh My Nuts, how is that not value?!

Well, I'm among the minority believing it is. I have played a friend's Commander deck with Daxos as the general and it was a ton of fun! With a little tweaking (I don't think I happened to win with it, I don't recall... I believe I just did well with it) it could be quite a strong deck. Blue and White decks are all the rage, aren't they?! GAH! I guess not... Cause if they were, this Sucka would be in it!

I was almost certain that the card would gain traction once Tiny Leaders started to grow in popularity as a Magic format (one focusing on converted mana cost cards of 3 or less). I think Geist of Saint Traft overshadowed that prospect. However, people complained a lot about Geist, trying to get it banned in the format, but it never came to fruition. Maybe #MTGFinance causing prices to jack rapidly for cards in demand for the format played a role too. It's debatable. And now Tiny Leaders is... Well, that's a good question... Where did it go?

So here I sit with 47 foils and over 50 regular copies of Daxos of Meletis.

And I regret nothing!

Have you ever played with Daxos of Meletis? If so, what are your thoughts on the card? Do you think he would make a good general in Commander and/or the Tiny Leaders format? If not, why?