The Masterpiece Series is here! The first installment to launch the new feature is Kaladesh Inventions. The theme, if it wasn't apparent already, is artifacts! Enjoy the full spoiler below.

And there you have it! Kaladesh Inventions in its entirety!

I really, really like the design of the frame and almost all of the new art. I think the Swords look a little weird, but they could be worse. Mark Rosewater stated that looking at the cards via computer screen would never do the cards justice, as they have a special printing process and all of the copper coloring is actually metallic. Can't wait to see these up close!

So what do you think?

Are you looking forward to Kaladesh Inventions? Which reprint are you most excited about? What artifact card wasn't reprinted in this part of the set that you were hoping would be? In your opinion, which card has the best new art? The worst? Which cards are you hoping to see get reprinted in future installments?