There seems to be an informal tag-team system between the Phyrexian and Eldrazi — basically races of massive indestructible entities in the Magic Universe. Taking turns coming around and screwing every plane in existence. I personally prefer Phyrexians, but I can understand the appeal of the Eldrazi. Especially when integrated into the plane of Innistrad, where a Lovecraftian theme is caked on thick.

Eldritch Moon is the second of a two set Shadows Over Innistrad block, where we are once again brought back to Innistrad to share in its plight. Double-sided cards make a return, as well as many of the denizens we fell in love with from the original Innistrad block. Though it appears the Eldrazi and other key characters are mutating most inhabitants into Eldrazi Horrors. I'm excited to take a peek at what amalgamations await inside:

Looks like we came up short, but there is definitely some very thematic art to enjoy, which I suppose is to be expected after how much the original venture to Innistrad had. I thought a lot of the Eldrazi Horrors were sweet too, and am curious to see what I come across in Shadows Over Innistrad. Even if it is odd hitting these sets alphabetically, rather than any chronological order!

Do you currently play Magic: The Gathering? Are you a fan of Eldritch Horror? If so, what's your favorite new card and/or ability/mechanic from the set? Did you play the original Innistrad block? Do you like the Lovecraftian theme? Did you enjoy the booster pack opening video? Any tips or thoughts on how to improve them?