A to Z 2017: GATECRASH

It's back to the Return to Ravnica block, with its second expansion, Gatecrash! I honestly wasn't even sure I'd be able to find packs of these locally, because it seems so long ago that I actually played/collected them. But I guess they are still in abundance. Not sure that's a good sign for maintaining value.

This was the block where my most recent resurgence into Magic: The Gathering began to fade. Everyone was really excited to jump back into Ravnica, a phase I missed, but I think the costs of keeping up just dwindled my enthusiasm. I got a few Friday Night Magic (FNM) sessions in at least.

I believe this set offers a chance at some reprinted shock lands from the original block, but my current run on booster pack openings have started to go South:

Another swing and a miss! Though, I did get a foil and that's what I'm technically basing my success on, even if commons and basic lands. Plus I did happen to get some decent uncommons. Actually, I think those uncommons are worth four or five times the rares I got!

The upcoming post will be the first non-booster pack opening video, since there is only one "H" available — Homelands. I could probably find booster packs for dirt cheap, despite how old the set is, but that wouldn't be very worthwhile and perhaps I will touch on the reasons why in the entry!

Do you currently play Magic: The Gathering? Are you a fan of Gatecrash? If so, what's your favorite card and/or ability/mechanic from the set? Have you come across any shock land reprints? If so, which? Did you play the original Ravnica block? Were you excited that Wizards of the Coast revisited the plane? Did you enjoy the booster pack opening video? Any tips or thoughts on how to improve them?