"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana

Never truer words...

And apparently I myself, along with countless others before me, have fallen into this trap. Never learning from our mistakes. Repeating them over and over and over. Some say that is the very definition of Madness. But we're all Mad here. Aren't we?

Embracing that Madness, I announce Dreams in the Shade of Ink's A to Z 2017 Theme:

Flash Fiction Vol. 2


Flash Fiction again? This is crazy and absurd, I know! But considering I was actually motivated enough to write fiction consistently throughout the entire month of April, I can't let this go to waste! As some have come to notice, once last year's challenge wrapped up, that was it. No more stories.

I have worked on some pieces, but they are being purposed for a yet unannounced project. Shh...

But still, nothing has been published here since. So I'm definitely planning on taking advantage of this. And just to be clear, like with the previous flash fiction installment, there may be poetry interlaced throughout. In fact, I almost opted to go completely poetry this year, but I'm not really all that great at it and a lot of times I have bigger pieces wanting to be brought to life.

We will soon see if I am, once again, able to keep up and produce another batch of fiction! Mayhaps you'll be reading along too?

Learn more about the A to Z Challenge.

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Are you participating in the 2017 A to Z Challenge? If so, are you following a specific theme? Do you write Fiction or Poetry? Or write in general? Have you ever gone long periods of time without writing, even though you really want to? What motivates you to write?