A to Z 2017: AWAKENING

"...the victim of a potential freak accident, involving electrocution. Police have yet to release the name of the deceased, as little information is known and the current state of the body makes it difficult for identification. This comes just hours after reports of brownouts in the area.

A neighbor states that they heard an alleged altercation taking place in the apartment earlier in the evening, but at this time law enforcement doesn't suspect foul play, given the nature of the incident. They are, however, asking for any information that may lead to the whereabouts of others who may have been involved or witnessed the event. Any information that may shed some light on this truly bizarre scene.

As always, I'll be tracking this story and will bring you any breaking news that develops over the next few days. Back to y..."

I turn off the television, because I can't listen to the bullshit anymore. A freak accident? I know better, and it seems that the public at large is always going to have to discover the truth the hard way. But that's nothing new. Spoon fed their scripted daily dosage of current affairs. Taking their medicine like good children.

The buzz on the internet is that the victim was a relatively unknown conspiracy blogger. A dime a dozen, but many believe that their self-proclaimed connection to individuals, dubbed Specials, is what brought the undesired attention to their doorstep and, ultimately, their untimely demise. Silenced by the government. A government some claim is involved in the brainwashing and mind control over hapless guinea pigs, used as puppets in their global plot to bring about a New World Order.

Others, including this deceased blogger touting purported "inside knowledge", claim that the government has ongoing testing of enhancement drugs on Human subjects, being carried out at secret labs or bunkers or whatever, spread throughout the United States. One being in that city and supposedly briefly mentioned by the mainstream media before all accounts of its existence being scrubbed.

Even more niche are those independently reporting on this murder being connected to a small string of unexplained deaths sharing very similar characteristics. And I have to admit, their storytelling about how the path of these deaths lead up to the current victim is pretty convincing.

But the reality is, there are likely nuggets of truth in all of it, but you have to sift through all the bullshit. And believe me, that bullshit is caked on thick.

What I do know is that the so called "Specials" exist, whether as a byproduct of experimentation or the natural evolution of Humankind, they are real. And more of them — us — are being triggered by some unseen force from within. Springing to life an awakening. An awakening granting those affected access to unknown, possibly unlimited power. And where there is power, there is the desire for control. To capture and harness it, keep it secret, even at the expense of others.

This bizarre death wasn't just some random coincidence. And with the sudden emergence of individuals endowed with such unbridled potential, there will be many more deaths to come. Some, undoubtedly, carried out by our own hands. No one will get out of this alive without blood on their hands.

The corruption this power has on the soul, of not only those possessing it, but by those wishing to suppress, control, and exploit it is forever singing its siren's song. Luring. Twisting and perverting. Finding that balance within to combat it is paramount. I won't let it control me. I will view it as a gift and accept it as a weapon to seek out and abolish the scum of the Earth.

They say hate begets hate begets hate...

But I can't resist fighting fire with fire.

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