Trailer Tuesdays are back and are now featured on Generation Jak! I threw together a batch of trailers that share a similar-ish theme: Superheroes! Or... Heroes? "Heroes"? Whatever, they're close enough...

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Final Trailer (3/25/2016):

As much as I loved the Dark Knight trilogy and enjoyed the Superman reboot (both of them, to be honest, much to the chagrin of others), and enjoy Zack Snyder's films, I haven't been overly stoked for this release. I'll definitely go see it, and maybe it's that I'm more interested in Marvel characters than DC, but I don't have high expectations. That may be a good thing, allowing me to enjoy the film more than some hardcore fans? I'm not sure. I'm excited, in principle, for the epic battle between two of my childhood heroes, and the inclusion of Wonder Woman. People have been clamoring for Wonder Woman to make an appearance on the big screen! I also believe this film is spearheading the lead up towards DC's counterpart to Marvel's The Avengers — Justice League.

Everyone had a heyday about Ben Affleck being cast as Batman, but really, I get more hung up on the selection for Lex Luther, regardless of liking the actor. After seeing a handful of trailers, I feel Affleck fills the role. Jesse Eisenburg just seems so fragile. Furthermore, while I haven't looked into it (perhaps afraid of what I'd find), there is a creature that looks as though it could potentially be a depiction of Doomsday. I'm not a fan, if it is. The Death of Superman — where the character made its first appearance — was one of the last comic stories I read! I loved Doomsday and this doesn't seem to do it... justice... Not to mention it was an epic battle involving multiple heroes. To be fair, however, I never read beyond that story arc to find out more about the character. Maybe this will be closer to the true origin than I realize?

Again, I have low expectations for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but hoping I'll be pleasantly surprised. It opens this weekend!

Captain America: Civil War - Trailer 2 (5/6/2016):

Captain America: Civil War is one of my most anticipated movies this year! I wasn't a fan of the first Captain America movie, as I felt it was nothing more than a quick origins and filler for The Avengers, but it's come a long way since then. I loved Captain America: Winter Soldier. If it hadn't had a solid trailer, I may have skipped seeing it for a good while. Much like the second movie, the third installment has had great trailers.

This was a comic event that I missed, but like the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War arc, it's one that involved many superheroes, more than currently are readily depicted in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). This makes me worry about just how involved they can make the arcs, but I've come to understand that the MCU is separate from the comic timeline (and we won't get into the X-Men/Fantastic Four licensing fiascos), so liberties will obviously be taken with the source material.

The last Avengers movie continued to lay the groundwork for Captain America: Civil War, building tension among the characters and teasing about what was to come, just as almost every movie currently under the MCU umbrella has been leading towards Avengers: Infinity War. It looks like there will be some epic battles, and unfortunately you already get a glimpse into who picks which side (something I'm unfamiliar with, having not read the comics), along with the introductions of new characters like Black Panther and the umpteenth rebooting of Spider-Man!

The only issue I had with the trailer was it possibly showed the death of a character. Maybe they [War Machine] were just KO'd, but it's hard to tell. Kind of brutal if they spoiled that in the trailer! Otherwise, I think this trailer is fantastically crafted, teasing just enough action and pulling a bit on the heartstrings. I'm honestly uncertain if any fatalities will result (minus possibly the one?), during the incoming carnage wrought by Earth's mightiest heroes duking it out among themselves.

Another lament I may have is the fact that, like Avengers: Age of Ultron, I feel this could have been made into two movies, if not a trilogy.

I'll definitely be seeing this on the big screen!

X-Men: Age of Apocalypse (5/27/2016):

I love the X-Men and I love Bryan Singer's directing/screenwriting (who helmed the first Superman reboot), but I'm very torn on this movie. X-Men: Days of Future Past put the franchise back on the right path, basically erasing the travesty that was X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine (a movie I still haven't seen, which, ironically, the trailer made certain of). For his final X-Men movie, Singer has chosen to tackle Apocalypse, one of the strongest mutant villains the X-Men have ever faced. Much like the two movies above, these newer releases seem to focus on grandiose story arcs that could potentially span multiple movies. Instead they are being wrapped up into a 2-3 hour bundle.

I'm going to see this movie, I can't not see it! I'm just a bit hesitant on where this will lead the franchise. That and I am not very keen on the art design. Specifically for Apocalypse (and maybe Archangel). If memory serves me correctly, Apocalypse is massive. A huge, powerful mutant that not only shows in his actions, but merely his stature as well. This modernization of Apocalypse seems weak and I can only hope to be proven wrong.

It will be great seeing the standard cast reprising their roles, but also some new faces added into the mix. I've wanted to see Archangel for a long time, but I'm not sure this is the depiction I've been hoping for... X-Men: Days of Future Past allowed FOX to pave new storylines, separate from the comics (as if they weren't already) and other Marvel franchises (a sort of X-Men Cinematic Universe), and I'm really hoping that they don't immediately drop the ball. That would be a real shame.

And am I the only one not knowing who the hell Olivia Munn is?!

Ghostbusters (7/15/2016):

Right, so this is a remake/reboot/whatever they want to call it that I wasn't really wanting to happen. The original is a classic. The studio has been seemingly all over the place with what exactly this movie even is, in terms of a remake/reboot/sequel. Supposedly it's completely independent, not associated with the original, a retelling, a sequel, but not a sequel, and definitely not a remake...? Uh... okay.

I'm immediately rubbed the wrong way with the first opening sequences of the trailer, where it states that four scientists saved New York City 30 years prior. It's been a while since seeing the original, but I recall there only being three actual scientists (I'm sure Peter Venkman's character could be debated, as he seemed to be practicing pseudoscience — okay, maybe they all were — for nothing more than picking up women and lazing about), and a fourth member who just wanted a job. I mean, I'm pretty sure strapping on a proton pack doesn't immediately qualify you as a scientist. Maybe ballsy, maybe crazy, but definitely not a scientist.

From there, the trailer goes on to show us the new team of Ghostbusters, an all female team this time around (Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones), and scenes that look hauntingly familiar to the original. From the opening librarian scene, to the fire station, to the Ecto-1. These are all very reminiscent to the original Ghostbusters film, but this isn't a remake? This just confuses me, as I'm sure it does others. It's great having callbacks to originals in remakes/reboots/whatever, but this story arc seems to follow the original beats a little too closely. It's not a sequel, but the opening statement would lead most anyone to believe it was.

People complaining about an all female cast are lame, but I don't find the concept very progressive either. Why not have a mixed team, consisting of both men and women, working in tandem together to bring about positive change?! Why do the characters seem to be literally replacements for the originals, even down to ethnicity and how three are scientists and another member joins later? They claim it's not gender swapping, but what is it then exactly? Even the secretary is swapped, being played by Chris Hemsworth. I literally cringe at the thought of the possibilities where these women swoon over how nerdy and hunky their new secretary is. I can only pray there aren't any scenes depicting that BS.

But I digress, there are many more pressing issues I have with this film (or at least the trailer). I chuckled maybe twice throughout it. I think McCarthy and Wiig are great comedians, I'm not too familiar with the other two, but I guess they are of the current Saturday Night Live alumni. It makes sense to draw from that source, again, following in the footsteps of its predecessor. But I didn't outright laugh once during the entire trailer. I find this kind of alarming since most studios throw in some of the best parts of their movies in their trailers. If this was some of the highlight moments of the film, I think it's in big trouble. Not to mention I feel that the tone of the humor isn't going to come close to matching that of the original.

As for the art design, the ghosts seem very unrealistic to me. They are all neon blue and very cartoony. They seem very separate from the picture, I'm not sure how to explain that, but not fully immersed. Also, the original movie had a horror-comedy theme, where there was an element of fear. I mean... we're talking about ghosts here! I don't feel any of that menacing factor present in this reboot... remake... sequel...? The closest scent of that existing in the trailer comes from the opening sequence (ghosts puke ectoplasm, I guess?) and the "possession" scene (which I feel revealed too much, showing likely the entire sequence, or at least its resolution).

Now, to be fair, this may just be a very crappy trailer (which most agree with) that very poorly represents what the movie will be and we'll have a newly cut one coming out in the near future. There has already been backlash about the trailer in general, aside from all the political hubdrub. I'm sure the big wigs at the studio are working just as hard on making a new trailer as they are buffering the hate the film is already generating.

From my understanding, it appears that most of the surviving key actors (R.I.P. Harold Ramis) involved in the original movies are somehow involved in the film. I find this interesting, yet very peculiar. Bill Murray has been against a sequel or new Ghostbusters film for ages, so they must have pulled out the big guns (or big bucks) to sway his opinion. More importantly, it may only add to the growing confusion as to what the movie actually is (remake/reboot/sequel) and who it's being marketed towards. Maybe they are trying too hard to appeal to everyone? The hardcore fans and the next generation of viewers for the franchise.

Either way, there has been much controversy surrounding the movie long before the trailer was released, and it seems that it will continue long after. Hopefully another trailer is released soon. Until then, I have to admit I have almost no interest in seeing the movie, fearing it to be the trainwreck I can't help but think it is.

Suicide Squad (8/5/2016):

The arguably non-hero "heroes" of the bunch! Suicide Squad takes some of DC's iconic villains (though I only know Joker and Harley Quinn... maybe Killer Croc, I did watch the FOX animated series!) and places them front and center, giving them a chance at redemption. All they have to do is, unassumingly, the impossible. I'd imagine that's where their name comes from. The only reference I've ever come across of the Suicide Squad is from my DC deck-builder game. No comics/graphic novels, nothing. I'm flying in almost complete darkness with this title.

I really enjoy Jared Leto and can't help but want to experience his take on The Joker. Heath Ledger's performance isn't one I'd want to follow, but Leto definitely has the acting chops for the job! I'm certain he jumped in head first with open arms, and it will translate beautifully with his depiction. Will Smith is another long time favorite of mine, but he seems to have had a bit of a lull in his career (or maybe become more selective after a handful of duds — but why no Independence Day: Resurgence?!). I've heard Focus was decent (a movie he stars in with fellow Suicide Squad castmate, Margot Robbie) and I thought Concussion looked really good. Hopefully this helps pushes him even further into the spotlight. I'm sorry, I want Bad Boys 3, like, yesteryear!

Joel Kinnaman seems to be a rising star. I keep hearing great things about The Killing and I liked him in Run All Night. And I guess I was completely oblivious to Scott Eastwood's involvement with the project, or any other project, to be honest. If he turns out to be as badass as his legendary father, Clint Eastwood, I'm going to be fairly disappointed he wasn't cast as Roland in Stephen King's The Dark Tower movie, no offense to Idris Elba!

One of my major gripes will be if the characters are continually referenced as "bad guys" repeatedly throughout the movie, whether by themselves or others. People aren't stupid, they don't have to be reminded. Make it a one and done, and be over it (though, I think it's mentioned twice in the trailer alone).

Otherwise, it doesn't look that bad, and this trailer highlights more of the characters individually, compared to the teaser. There looks to be a lot of action and a fair share of comedy sprinkled within. The Queen soundtrack doesn't hurt either! Hopefully there is fluid chemistry among the characters/actors, which will heighten the movie's appeal even more. That being said, however, I'm afraid Suicide Squad currently falls more in line with Batman v Superman. I'll await reviews (from friends more so than official) before determining if I head to the theaters to see this one.

Do any of the featured movies interest you? If so, which and why? Are you more of a Marvel or DC fan? Are there characters from either Marvel and/or DC that you would love to see brought to the big screen? What are your thoughts about the new Ghostbusters remake/reboot/whatever it is?