From the blog self-proclaiming to helm the OMN Generation of One, hinting at ushering in a new era of entertainment, bringing you (maybe) one review post a year (featuring such classics as 2 Guns and Splendor), Generation Jak is proud to present to you:

A to Z 2016: The Division Edition


I couldn't decide which exclamatory phrase to use, so in a triumphant stroke of genius, I used them all. That's right. Just a small snippet of the pure awesomeness you have the potential to possibly not only witness, but experience, when you follow along with Generation Jak! I understand if it's too much for some.

In case you are in the dark, the A to Z Challenge consists of writing a blog post every day throughout the month of April (excluding Sundays, you know, so Baby Jesus can sleep...), each day being a topic dictated by a different letter of the alphabet. How many days are in April? 30. How many Sundays in April? 4. What's 30 minus 4? 26. How many letters are in the alphabet? 26. 26 = 26. That means a letter can be allotted per non-Sunday day! That's uncanny! That's perfection!

I know what you're thinking: Mind. Blown. !.

Generation Jak deals mostly in entertainment. You know, movies, music, books, gaming. I mean, clearly you can tell from the dense content that it's the one-stop-shop hub for all things entertainment! Last year, on the I, Jak blog, I picked the theme of Gaming for the A to Z Challenge. If gaming, why the hell wasn't it featured on Generation Jak?! Good question! It's because I was young and dumb. Plain and simple. But now it's almost a full year later, so now I'm super wise to the ways of the world.

For example, did you know that if you run into a gorilla while out exploring the mists of the jungles, that if you quickly pee all around you, essentially "marking" your territory, the gorilla will be unable to penetrate your newly urine-soaked circle of everlasting protection? Trick question! If you ever run into a gorilla while out in the wilds, you're fucked! Stay out of the jungle! See, now you're wiser too...

Getting back on track. This year I will be doing another gaming theme for the A to Z Challenge, this time — more appropriately — placed here on Generation Jak. Not just any gaming, however. All subject matter during this blog hop will revolve around a single game: Tom Clancy's The Division. Essentially, it's a game about trying to restore balance to New York City after it's been ravaged by a biological attack. It's been one of my most anticipated games since Destiny (which is now categorized as my biggest video game disappointments of, well, pretty much ever!) and it's currently on my mind a lot, so I thought I best take advantage.

Each day I'll focus on different aspects of the game, from setting, characters, loot, etc. It may be random, considering the letter dictation of each day, but it will all be associated with The Division. So, I'm hoping you'll enjoy learning about the game as the month of April unfolds!

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Feel free to stop over and check them out. Or just stick with me as we attempt to take back NYC!

Are you participating in the 2016 A to Z Challenge? If so, are you following a specific theme? Have you played The Division? If so, what are your thoughts and opinions of the game?