A to Z 2016 : AGENTS

In The Division, New York City (NYC) is ravaged by a devastating smallpox pandemic, and it isn't long before most domestic services begin to fail, eventually becoming rendered completely useless. As chaos grips the city, food and water supplies diminishing, ruthless factions rise to power and begin taking over the streets. All hope seems lost, but there is a contingency plan. Sleeper agents have been stationed throughout the world, each a self-supportive and highly-trained operative, awaiting the call to action. They could be anyone — your lover, your mother, your teacher, your doctor, your best friend. And they have been called to action.

You take on the role of one of these sleeper agents, a Second Wave, working for the Strategic Homeland Division (AKA "The Division"). You're tasked with discovering the origin of the deadly virus, restoring order to the streets, and finding any information revolving around the whereabouts of agents belonging to the First Wave sent out before you.

As you explore NYC, you will come across other agents — some friendly, some not so much — so it's important to trust your better judgment. Sometimes traveling alone is safer, other times it's the most dangerous. Regardless, you are never truly alone. You will have multiple allies watching your back. So find agents with goals and morals aligned with your own, and block by block, take the city back! NYC, and possibly the entire world, is counting on you!

Agent Activated

Agent Cryton is activated and has reported for duty! It may be hard to tell, but I'm sporting a swanky, purple winter jacket and purple slouchy! I've been semi obsessed with collecting anything purple (or any apparel, for that matter). At this point in time, I have my agent outfitted in all purple and/or yellow (gold, or as the developer describes it — orange) gear, some of the most effective equipment you can get. But I'm always looking to upgrade!

Speaking of time, just ignore the "Time Played" info... I SAID IGNORE IT! Don't judge, I'm saving NYC! What have you done today? Binge watch Netflix?! I thought so!

I haven't created the character's background yet, but I've been having the nagging urge to attempt some The Division fanfict, going into such details. Hopefully I can find the time to do so soon.

If you can't see, my face bears a scar sustained from my time spent in the Dark Zone. What's the Dark Zone, you ask? Don't worry, we'll get to that eventually here, in a few days time...

For now, if you have also been activated and are hitting the streets of NYC, you may cross paths with Agent Cryton. Well, if you play on XBox One... And if you do, I hope we end up on the same side. I'd hate to get into a tango with another agent when there are always bigger fish to fry!

Agent Origins

This is a late addition (4/5/2016), but it was a video I was going to originally post in this entry. I went back and forth on it, considering it's length and if it would have any potential spoilers. Then I just forgot about it. Coming across it again, I wanted to post it up. Before it was only available on Amazon Prime (the full length feature), but now some YouTube channels host it.

Warning: Mature Content!

Are you currently an activated agent in The Division? If so, are you playing on XBox One, PS4, and/or PC? If not, have you been interested in the game? When you make characters for games, do you sometimes make up backgrounds for them? Ever write fanfict? Did you watch Agent Origins? If so, what did you think of it?