Every agent needs a place they can call home and in The Division that's the Base of Operations, aptly referred to as the BoO. After the breakdown of New York City (NYC), the James A. Farley Post Office was converted into a contamination screening station by the Catastrophic Emergency Response Agency (CERA). Eventually it was repurposed by the Joint Task Force (JTF) to serve as their focal point to restoring the infrastructure of NYC.

After receiving a lethal blow from an unknown assailant, you find yourself taking refuge in the makeshift fortress. When first arriving, the Base of Operations is basically in shambles. Key figures needed to get the BoO's three wings (Medical, Tech, and Security) up and functional are missing. In tandem with the JTF, you will have to seek out and procure these individuals, returning them to safety and restoring a glimmer of hope for the cause.

Below is a glance at the inside of my Base of Operations. Granted, it's not an accurate depiction of what you'll find when you first establish communications with yours. It starts off very barren and sparse of population. This is a snippet of what it will look like over time:

The Base of Operations is your own personal sanctuary. One that you will develop at your own discretion and find yourself visiting often throughout your campaign. You will eventually upgrade the various wings (10 upgrades per), being granted access to a variety of skills, perks, vendors, and more. Slowly your BoO will transform from a lifeless, abandoned husk into a living, breathing, central hub bustling with survivors (some of which snore incisively) and fellow soldiers-in-arms!

Because of the nature of upgrading your Base of Operations, however, it's the only location in the game where, even if playing co-op, it's private to only yourself. No party member or friends running around your personalized agent cave. Of course, down the road every agent will be able to fully advance their BoO's three wings, but until then, they are able to customize according to their own play style.

While I think it would be sweet to be able to visit the Base of Operations with friends, I understand the reasoning behind keeping it to individual instances. What I would really love to see eventually added is further advancements per wing section and/or an entirely new additional wing opened! I feel that there's so much potential in The Division in regards to the Base of Operations that I'm hoping they don't let it go to waste!

How many upgrades have you made to each individual wing in your Base of Operations? Are there any additional elements you'd like to see implemented to the BoO's functions?