The Joint Task Force (JTF), led by Roy Benitez, is comprised mostly of police officers, volunteers, medical and military personnel. They were assigned to contain the virus, treat the sick, and maintain order, but eventually had to pull out of what is now known as the Dark Zone. After a series of further setbacks, taking heavy casualties from enemy factions, they lost most of their positioning and primarily took up residence at Camp Hudson. They have since repurposed the James A. Farley Post Office as their Base of Operations as they attempt to restore the infrastructure of New York City along with The Division agents.

They're among your allies in the war raging on the streets. I'm not going to lie, though, most of the time you just go around saving their asses. From stopping illegal drug and weapon deals, securing their supply drops, and/or rescuing them after being taken hostage. But, you know, sometimes they lend a helping hand in return. Most are even grateful for your assistance. Some think they were just fine before you came along.

If you hadn't, they'd likely have ended up like these poor bastards:

That doesn't look comfortable!

How's the view from up there, buddy?

He had a name, and I'm almost positive it wasn't Sergeant Shovel-Face!

Sometimes you get no respect as you bust your ass taking the city back...

Have you been around the city helping the Joint Task Force? What are some of your favorite Missions, Side Missions, and/or Encounters? Have you happened to run into JTF members who blow off your help?