A to Z 2016 : KEENER

No, I don't mean Keener as in: "Oh hey, that's a much keener observation than I made!"

I mean Keener as in: Aaron Keener.

Aaron Keener was a member of the Strategic Homeland Division who was among the First Wave of agents sent to New York City in attempts to control the situation when everything went to shit. This included being part of the efforts in containing and treating the mass infected population of the Manhattan quarantine zone.

As mentioned previously, not only are you tasked with identifying the origin of the smallpox virus outbreak, but to also find information regarding agents who went missing from the First Wave.

Scattered throughout the city are remnants and clues as to events that took place just before and during the first few weeks of the pandemic. These come in the form of cell phones, intel, and echos (digitized recreations of specific scenes that have taken place). Through these means, you will slowly unravel the smaller pieces of a larger picture.

Keener is one of the more prominent First Wave agents featured in The Division and as you discover his intel on events, complete missions, and explore the mysterious disappearances of your comrades, much more of New York City's plight will become clear.

Have you found all of the scattered intel throughout the districts? Do you have any in particular that you enjoy the most?