A to Z 2016 : NEW YORK CITY

New York City (NYC), as you know by now, is the main backdrop of where The Division takes place. Manhattan was ground zero of a smallpox virus outbreak, turned pandemic, dubbed The Green Poison. You are an agent of the Strategic Homeland Division (SHD) attempting to re-establish the infrastructure of the city, while discovering the origins of the virus.

After some delays (over two years, I think), The Division was finally released on March 8, 2016. Despite what was shown of gameplay footage at previous E3 events (the annual premier electronic gaming expo held at the Los Angeles Convention Center), it was obvious that the shear size of the Open World map (and many game elements) had been scaled back and/or completely changed. This doesn't mean they won't be eventually added (especially new areas like Brooklyn, Queens, etc) via Downloadable Content (DLC).

This also doesn't mean that Ubisoft/Massive (publisher/developer) slacked in their attempts to do their best in accurately portraying New York City. The end results of these efforts are clearly commendable. While it may not be exactly 1 to 1 scale, the game's depiction of the city is eerily spot on. Many have claimed be able to see their actual homes.

Just how accurate is the game's digital version of a post-apocalyptic NYC? Take a look and decide for yourself:

I think that's amazing and I'm excited to see what else they add to the game in future DLCs!

What did you think of the video? Do you feel the creators of The Division did an outstanding job digitizing NYC? What areas are you hoping open up in later DLCs?