Operation ISAC is the name given to a new feature currently available in The Division after the Incursions Update 1.1 went live on April 12, 2016. Now, in addition to Daily Mission challenges, agents are able to complete both Daily and Weekly Assignments. These offer new ways for players to accrue crafting materials and currency.

Daily Assignments consist of three categories: Crafting | Combat | Dark Zone. Crafting will involve either creating gear, deconstructing gear, or collecting a type of crafting resource. Combat will involve eliminating a number of enemy faction NPCs. Dark Zone will involve various tasks that can only be completed within the confines of the DZ.

Weekly Assignments are essentially the same but are more demanding (instead of eliminating any 10 enemy faction NPCs you may have to terminate 40 of a harder difficulty), so a longer time frame is allowed for completion. This also means that accomplishing the Weekly Assignment grants better rewards.

It's a pretty sweet addition to the game, one they can potentially expand upon. Anything offering a reason for players to continue their fight in taking back New York City is a great one!

Have you begun completing your Daily and/or Weekly Assignments? If so, which is your preferred category to fulfill? What would you like to see added to the Operation ISAC feature, if anything?