This will be a quick little post discussing one of the three currencies available in The Division — Phoenix Credits (Division Credits and Dark Zone Funds being the other two). They've been lightly discussed in High-End Gear topics and their usage has undergone some changes since the Incursions Update 1.1.

Phoenix Credits are the End Game currency of The Division, used to purchase High-End gear and blueprints. Vendors dealing in Phoenix Credits used to exist in both the Open World and Dark Zone, but are now exclusively handled at the Base of Operations by the Special Gear Vendor.

While I liked the idea of Division Credits being Open World currency, DZ Funds for Dark Zone currency, with Phoenix Credits being universally binding and serve a purpose for both, I guess it makes sense. Now everything in the DZ costs DZ Funds. Same goes for Open World and Division Credit.

One nice perk with this update is that Recalibrating (the option to reroll a single stat on a piece of gear) now only costs Division Credits instead of Phoenix Credits. That was one hefty price I never wanted to pay, even if I was close to having a well rounded piece of gear!

To obtain Phoenix Credits, agents can either complete Daily Missions, Daily/Weekly Assignments, and/or kill enemy faction Named NPCs (especially in the Dark Zone). The latter of which had the quantity of Phoenix Credits dropped raised depending on their level.

Many of the missions and assignments are easy and there are plenty of opportunities to pick up some of this High-End currency, so stop slacking and get to work agent!

Have you started collecting Phoenix Credit yet? How do you prefer to collect it? Missions, Assignments, or Named NPCs? Have you made any good purchases with it yet? Do you like the changes made to the various currencies in the last update?