A to Z 2016 : QUICK TRAVEL

Okay, okay, okay... So it's technically called Fast Travel, but when I was seeking out a "Q" post for today (my original, explained below, failed) and punching "The Division Q..." into Google pulled up Quick Travel I jumped on it. When I went to grab screenshots, however I realized that I had been duped in a momentary fugue and was reminded that Fast Travel was the correct terminology.

Tomaytoe, tomahtoe?

My plans fell through on Quarantine Zones, when what I kept thinking as Quarantine Zones were actually Contaminated Zones spread throughout the map. The only true Quarantine Zone is The Dark Zone (DZ), which was already covered. Then there's the Queen's Tunnel Camp mission, but I didn't want to just discuss a single mission when having a post dedicated to Missions in general.

So what we get is a synonym for fast and a... quick... look at one of The Division's mechanics/systems which allows agents to travel to specific locations automatically, rather than walking there.

One caveat is that players will have to first walk to and discover these locations before Fast/Quick Travel capabilities are unlocked for them. Also, You can't use the function while in the DZ, nor can you use it while outside the Dark Zone to travel into one of the DZ Safe Rooms.

You can Fast/Quick Travel to your Base of Operations, Mission sites, Safehouses, fellow agents (which kind of nullifies needing to discover the location first), and now with a recent update, DZ Checkpoints.

Running around New York City can be a daunting task and sometimes you just don't have the energy.  With the Fast/Quick Travel option, you can be as lazy as you want to be (almost)!

Have you unlocked all of your Fast/Quick Travel locations? Besides your Base of Operations, is there a specific location you find yourself traveling to a lot? Are there any improvements that could be made to the Fast/Quick Travel system?