A to Z 2016 : ZOMBIES


Tonight we close out of Generation Jak's The Division Edition A to Z Challenge on a light note — the rumors of zombies.

Giving the game is based in the real world, throwing in a semi fantasy/horror element such as zombies may feel a little misplaced (if not overdone). However, given the fact that the Green Poison is a virus, and its overall effects (besides death) predominantly unknown, it does provide the recipe for undead.

The third paid DLC for The Division, Last Stand, due out this Winter (2016), describe agents facing a relentless enemy in New York City. Granted, this could mean anything, but there have been hints about enemies that are weak, but plentiful and overwhelming. This doesn't sound too far off from what zombie hordes could look like in the game.

As for it being realistic? If it took more of a 28 Days Later approach, where the virus causes a similar effect akin to that series of movies, I think it's very feasible. Not that we need another game with zombies in it. But if they pulled if off in the right fashion, it could be a lot of fun. Plus the art seems to imply possibly visiting the Statue of Liberty, which would be pretty sweet.

We'll just have to wait and see!

Do you think zombies could be fitting for The Division? If so, how would you like to see them implemented? Do you think the rumors of zombies could be true or do you think that preliminary descriptions could mean just about anything?