Today I thought I'd stray from movie trailers and shift into the video game realm. There are a handful I'd like to share, some being games I'm currently contemplating purchasing (betraying my belief that The Division would by this year's sole splurge). Most of this grouping will focus on First Person Shooters (FPS), but there will always be more to show in future entries!

Battleborn - Story Trailer (5/3/2016):

I was fortunate enough to try the Battleborn open Beta a few weeks ago. The only reason I bothered was because a friend mentioned it a few months ago. I never looked into it at the time, however. I love the Borderlands franchise, and the humor of that seems intact here, which is very appealing. I only played Incursion, which is a tower defense mode. There is also the campaign mode, but I didn't have enough time to try to it.

From what little I played of it, though, I really enjoyed it a lot. It was an unexpected surprise. The leveling system (at least in Incursion) allows for adapting playstyles on the go and is even upgradable. Multiple characters and a variety of unlockables should keep players interested for the duration as long as it's balanced. I'm really curious to know how this game does. I may pick it up if enough people I know play it and it has good reviews.

Doom - Fight Like Hell Cinematic Trailer (5/13/2016):

Doom is a classic, and I feel that I should be thoroughly excited about this reboot/remake/whatever it is, but I kind of fell off the franchise long ago. This is a really sweet trailer, don't get me wrong. The music and cinematography and art direction is all very well done. Unfortunately I've seen footage of the mutiplayer gameplay, and I have to be honest, I was vastly underwhelmed. It was disappointing too, because I thought this may be a game I bought right out of the gate, if nothing more than for the sake of nostalgia. I think the developers are banking on that being the greatest selling point for this game.

I feel like I've learned my lesson with recent games utilizing that as the sole backbone with Diablo III, Destiny, and Duke Nukem Forever. I guess at least two of those improved after a year or so, but I worry this title has the potential to go the path of the latter. I hope I'm wrong. Most will probably play it for the story and I'd imagine that's going to look beautiful. That multiplayer, though, I just don't know... I'll definitely be waiting on reviews on this one.

Overwatch - Open Beta Teaser (5/24/2016):

I wrote about Overwatch briefly in my I, Jak A to Z Challenge. This is the trailer for the Open Beta I'm really hoping to get in on in the next few days here. Playstation 4 users may already have access, so there may already be a handful of initial impressions out there to discover. At least with any updates made since the last Beta.

This game (this trailer doesn't exactly highlight it, or anything gameplay related except characters, but it still awesome) seems like an interesting First Person Shooter where players take on one of four specific roles/types (Offense/Defense/Tank/Support) and involves a bit more teamwork than standard issue FPSs. Boasting an expansive character roster, Blizzard Entertainment's first foray into the FPS genre looks to be very promising. It may look a bit cartoony, in a way even more so than Battleborn, but that hasn't ever hurt the company's other franchises in the least.

I'm really looking forward to trying this soon!

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare - Reveal Trailer (11/4/2016):

I feel like the Call of Duty series has always had really good gaming trailers. Even the game themselves have amazing cinematic sequences that can really draw you into the story, especially when partially interactive. It's one of the reasons I actually play the storyline campaign, which is a rare occurrence with me and FPSs that offer a 24/7 multiplayer arena.

Over time, I've kind of fallen off the wagon. I really enjoyed the Black Op series of games, but the Warfare half of Call of Duty hasn't appealed to me or many of my friends for a while. As much as people complain about each game of the franchise being the same and that it gets old (it can), I appreciate the attempts to progress and change it up over the last few entries. As usual, the graphics in this newest installment look great in the cinematic department (though competitors poked fun at the game seeming 5 years old) and the inclusion of the space firefights seems like it could be a lot of fun!

My biggest draw, however, was the last 30 seconds of the trailer, where they nonchalantly reveal the remastered Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. I played the hell out of that game, I loved it so much. Not many there after seemed to compare (at least in the multiplayer realm, for me). I'm incredibly exited about this remastering of what I feel is a classic! Not sure about the game it's attached to, however, so I'm hoping that it's available as a standalone, just in case...

Titanfall 2 - Teaser Trailer (Fall 2016):

This is one game I'm super excited about. For some reason I didn't think it would released this year, but it seems it's slated for a possible Fall 2016 release. This was a very popular XBox exclusive First Person Shooter. It featured various mechs you could pilot, vertical scaling maps, and parkour. This time around it seem mechs can use swords, which would be pretty cool, adding some melee versatility over artillery. The biggest change, however, is the sequel will be multi-platform!

This is great for the franchise, because being an exclusive always limits a game's populace. After time, there was a dwindling of players making for some tiresome waits and gruesomely unbalanced match-ups (though, despite this, they did update regularly). I'm also curious if Titanfall 2 will feature a fully implemented campaign (the first's was added on last minute/rushed due to community outcry and it showed). The first game always showed so much potential, and I'm assuming the developers learned on the first outing. And this time it will be able to attract an even larger audience!

Did any of the featured video games interest you? Were you a fan of the original Doom series? Are you excited for the remake? Were you able to play in either the Battleborn and/or Overwatch Betas? Do you play any of the Call of Duty games? If so, what's your favorite? Are you exited about the remastering of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare? Any thoughts about Titanfall 2? Were you a fan of the first?