Out of all four of my A to Z Challenges, I felt like The Division Edition theme was one of the most fun. A large part of this was taking many of my own screenshots to share along the way. I may not have been able to do a lot of actual playing of The Division throughout the month of April, but I always made sure to hop on to grab some sweet shots!

Some of my favorites would be from the Dark Zone, Joint Task Force, Loot, Rogue Status, and Vanity Items entries. This reminds me that I took many more pics to add to a handful of these posts and others, which I've not yet done, so this weekend I plan to do so. Check back if interested in new screenshots!

I'm hoping that the posts I made were somewhat educational (Crafting and Wings of a BoO), yet light and fun, even if not in an order that made ultimate sense. I was kind of dictated by the letters of the alphabet after all! I also wanted to avoid too many spoilers (Green Poison), so that those who may be new to the game, or contemplating getting into it, could enjoy the series as well.

I actually had so many topics to choose from for many letters that the hardest part was picking from them, and shifting subject matter around that overlapped, and filling in gaps created from doing so.

Overall, I feel like this theme was a huge success!

As for doing the A to Z Challenge again on Generation Jak? Yes! But I believe I'd have to find a new theme. I may have had lots of leftover material from this year's challenge, but it would be nice to venture into some other media platforms, whether board games, books, movies, etc etc. Other forms of entertainment I'd like to focus on with the blog.

Either way, like with the other blogs, it would be best if I could manage deciding on a theme early and getting a head start.

I hope you've all enjoyed this glimpse into The Division! Despite some glitches currently plaguing it, I still think it's a worthwhile game to check out, especially since the developers have been fairly proactive with feedback and fixing what needs to be fixed.

Maybe I'll see you around... Cryton out!

*Warning, an Agent has left your team*

Did you participate in the A to Z Challenge 2016? If so, how did it go? Have you tried The Division yet? If so, what platform(s) and what are your thoughts of the game? What changes would you like to see made to the game? Did you follow along with Generation Jak's A to Z Challenge? Was there a topic you had hoped would be featured but wasn't? What would have made the series better?