Tonight we have another mixed bunch spanning across multiple genres. We have some thrillers, some drama, and some straight up horror. I'm interested in quite a few of these, each for different reasons, but I'm uncertain I'll be seeing any on the big screen.

The first two are opening this week, so maybe you'll have interest if you've gotten over your Disney fix (I haven't), while the rest are spread throughout the year.

The Darkness - (5/13/2016):

I'm not much a horror movie fan, but there are a select few I really like, and others I really want to see. Many of these are based on the myths and legends surrounding supposedly real haunted locations. The movie adaptations generally embellish even more so the already unbelievable claimed events. Regardless, it can make for a decent thrill ride. The Darkness doesn't appear to be based on anything, they'd make sure to tell you, and there looks like there may be a few scares.

Personally I love Kevin Bacon. I was pretty bummed to hear about The Following being canceled. Granted it may have run its course, the ending promised a potentially badass fourth season. Ah well, I've been seeing him pop up in more movies now, most of them seemingly low budget. This doesn't look to appear low budget. It appears to have some really well done special effects, and I like the creepy tone throughout it all. It seems to go through some of the standard issue beats, but what movies don't nowadays. I'd be interested in seeing this once it's released on DVD/Blu-Ray.

Money Monster - (5/13/2016):

I personally think this movie looks really good. I'm not sure if this is Jodie Fosters directing debut (it looks like she had done some work on some popular Netflix Original series, House of Cards, Orange is the New Black), but it looks like an intense entry. I originally saw this trailer a few months ago, but it seems to be flying pretty low under the radar. I'm not sure if it's do to the content and currently being in a heightened political atmosphere or what.

The casting is great, though I'm not very familiar with Jack O'Connell, and the chemistry looks amazing. Julia Roberts and George Clooney have worked on multiple projects together and with a seasoned actor behind the camera I feel the recipe is right. The storyline, an investor being screwed over by a scam, seems to be all the rage lately. A bigger picture is hinted at and I'm really curious to how it all plays out. Though, I'm hoping the trailer hasn't revealed too much of the movie (or at least tricked us into thinking it has).

Clooney has seemingly been in a rut and it would be nice to see him be involved in a very successful project!

The Founder - (8/5/2016):

Aha! A "true" story! I'm not sure what to say except that I actually give a damn about a movie based on McDonald's apparent tumultuous, seedy upbringing. I know absolutely next to nothing about it, except I was familiar with a few aspects from some documentary I believe I watched some time ago. I'm also unfamiliar with the director John Lee Hancock, though he was behind a few movies I've wanted to see for some time (Saving Mr. Banks, The Blind Side, and The Rookie).

So leave it to Hancock along with a great main and supporting cast (Michael Keaton, Laura Dern, Nick Offerman to name a few) to get me interested in the subject matter. Like horror movies, almost every movie based on "true" events seems to be embellished if not a straight up documentary, but again, that doesn't make them any less entertaining. Keaton has been on an impressive comeback and I hope he's not finished yet.

The trailer is very well done, with just enough drama and comedy shown throughout, even if in the end you may know (or think you know) the eventual outcome.

Snowden - (9/16/2016):

Another thriller that looks like it will be really good. With Oliver Stone we obviously have an all-star ensemble cast. I've been a growing fan of Joseph Gordon-Levitt (JGL) for a long time, but I have to admit, hearing his voice in this threw me. I did watch a TED Talks with Snowden, but I don't remember his voice, but am obviously assuming JGL is attempting to mimic him. I can't help but be curious as to how close/realistic he hits the mark. The subject matter of the film is still one that is very sensitive and controversial, creating a divide among people who consider him [Snowden] a hero and those branding him a traitor.

While I feel I have been hit or miss with this director in the past, I think Snowden looks really well done. And the trailer leaves me wanting more, especially when it comes to delving more into the character's past, which I myself am not very familiar with. Also, the eventual mental breakdown and paranoia that must have been present when learning about what the government was doing, and deciding to do what he felt was right.

There's the chance I will want to see this in theaters, but it really just depends on what else is out at the time.

The Girl on the Train - Teaser Trailer (10/7/2016):

This is based on a best selling novel, which I've never read, but have heard great things about. The trailer is really good, but I can't fathom how it's a teaser trailer. I mean, I'm almost afraid too much was shown of the movie as is. They plan another full-length trailer exposing more? I think I will try to avoid it, because this looks like a really tense thriller.

I like the cast, especially Emily Blunt and Allison Janney! There are many others I recognize like Luke Evans and Justin Theroux. Hopefully the chemistry between the actors is fluid and real. It seems apparent between the women mentioned above, they really seem to focus on them in this trailer, aside from the voice over. Without even seen the book, though, this trailer makes me want to read the book really bad.

I'm very interested in seeing this in theaters, as long as I avoid anything too spoilerish (if the trailer didn't already give away too much). So, again, I may avoid the next trailer and be good with this one as I feel it's fairly substantial and a great offering that should leave most wanting more. Even those who have read the book seem to like this trailer, so I feel that's a good sign!

Did any of the featured movies interest you? Are you a Kevin Bacon fan? What's the scariest horror movie you've seen? Have you ever been caught in a money scam/ponzi scheme? Have you ever seen a documentary based on any fast food company's history? What are your thoughts about Snowden? Are you familiar with the source material for The Girl on the Train? Are you excited for the movie adaptation?