A to Z 2017: EVE 6

As soon as I heard Inside Out by Eve 6, with all the word play and rhymes delivered with such melodic vocals, I wanted to hear more. The band quickly became a favorite among my friends and I, and we would continually sing aloud the lyrics from our favorite songs on the album. Which was pretty much all of them. This first single, however, was the most popular:

Despite being met with positive critic review, I recall reading an interview with Eve 6 front man, Max Collins, who lamented that their work was taken too seriously and that it was meant to just be loose and fun. An aim they wished to highlight in their follow up album, Horrorscope. I personally felt that I noticed the difference in shift, but despite this, the second outing was a success.

I also find it odd that even though the claim was to counter any thoughts that they took their music on any serious level, they still produced tracks such as "Here's to the Night", which I argue clearly contradicts their statements:

Supposedly their third release, It's All In Your Head, was an experimental album and didn't have the same market success as its predecessors. I was still loosely following along with the band and while I liked It's All In Your Head, "Think Twice" was undoubtedly one of my favorite tracks. One that made me want to attempt it during a karaoke session, a feeling shared with almost the entire first album:

Thankfully, I don't actually karaoke and hundreds of drunken ears have been spared what would surely be a travesty!

Eve 6's final album, Speak in Code, was released in 2012 — after being on hiatus for almost a decade:

It's been a few years now and I'm not sure if they have disbanded, on another hiatus, or soon to come out with a new album. If the later, I'll be there to lend an ear. Besides, who could hate a band whose name is inspired by The X-Files?!

Did you enjoy the songs/videos? Are you familiar with Eve 6? Do you have a favorite song and/or album? Do you feel they changed in style at all between albums? Have you ever seen them live? If so, how was the performance?