A to Z 2017: DEFTONES

The Deftones were a very popular band in my circle of friends during high school. Their debut album, Adrenaline, laid the groundwork for cementing their ever-evolving sound permanently into my personal soundtrack:

I've never had much writing inspiration spring forth from their chords, for whatever reason, but they still cause a stir within. They get me pumped up! I've always loved the vocal power and uniqueness of their lead singer, Chino Moreno, and they're great live! Here's a song that was featured on The Crow: City of Angels:

So much I could say about that second Crow movie. I swear it was made solely for the soundtrack, and that song was definitely a highlight. I understand that the Deftones may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I can chug their vibe.

Here's a slightly lighter song that was really popular from their third album, White Pony:

There are so many songs I would love to highlight, but for the final one I'll opt for "Rosemary" which appeared on the Kevin Bacon helmed TV series, The Following:

Okay, they had about three songs featured on The Following — obviously the creators/producers know good music — but this was played during the finale scene of the series finale and it saddened me knowing the show was canceled. As stated, that video above isn't official, but it's awesome!

Deftones released their newest album, Gore, last year and is the only album I haven't heard, so I'll have to get on that!

Did you enjoy the songs/videos? Are you familiar with Deftones? Do you have a favorite song and/or album? Have you ever seen them live? If so, how was the performance? Do you get excited when you hear a song from a band you love in a movie or TV show?