This was another tough one. The main contender was The Crystal Method, another influential band from my youth and a band I missed live because of some pesky event called graduation. I can't recall specific details beyond being unable to stay until their performance (it was an outdoor music festival, I believe they were headlining the second — or third? — day). Either way, I'm not bitter! In the end, though, I think I devised a plan to sneak them in under the radar later in the challenge, allowing me to highlight an amazing duo — The Chemical Brothers.

One of the original classics by the DJs, Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons, known at the time as The Dust Brothers, an homage to the US Producers who were famously known for their work on the Beastie Boys album, Paul's Boutique:

Unfortunately Rowlands and Simons had to change it up after The Dust Brothers producers filed a complaint against the use of their name. Thus the Chemical Brothers were born, and they released their debut album, Exit Planet Dust, in 1995:

There are way too many songs to try and choose from, but "Leave Home" features the line "The brothers gonna work it out.", which I use as sort of an anthem/theme with my brothers. Of course, that rarely ever seems to be the case when attempting to put into practice, but what can you do?

I've tried sticking with The Chemical Brothers over the years, but I apparently missed out on one of their newest albums, Born in the Echos, which was released in 2015. So how about we give a listen to a song off of that track list:

Not too bad and they generally have great music videos. In fact, I'd say similar to Breaking Benjamin, The Chemical Brothers have done decent with sticking to their original sound too. I'll have to give the entire album a listen! There were certain parts of this video that I was partial to given my last fiction piece, Bad Batch, over on my Dreams in the Shade of Ink blog...

It seems there is another album on the way? I'll wrap this up with sharing the first single:

Did you enjoy the songs/videos? Are you familiar with The Chemical Brothers? Do you have a favorite song and/or album? Do you think they've maintained a consistent sound/style? Have you ever seen them live? If so, how was the performance?