Now introducing a band I know even less about than yesterday's selection, The xx — Yeah Yeah Yeahs! This is another group I only recently discovered within the past 3-5 years. I was surprised to find that the first song I heard by them wasn't from one of their newer CDs, but rather from their 2003 debut release, Fever to Tell.

Here is "Maps":

Even though "Maps" was their third single from Fever to Tell it received a lot of attention and is likely why it was the first I was exposed to. Part of me wants to say it was via SiriusXM. I discovered "Control Y" and more thereafter. I was instantly drawn into Yeah Yeah Yeah's style and lead singer Karen O's voice. Critics were also enamored and the debut was a commercial success.

Given they have four studio releases, I'll be covering one from each.

Next up is "Cheated Hearts" from their second album, Show Your Bones:

I was originally going to feature "Gold Lion", because I really like the song, but I really like the video for "Cheated Hearts". The compilation of fans (I'm wondering if there was a contest/submission for the video?) singing the song in all their attempted matched extravagance is just awesome!

It's Blitz! released in 2009 with "Zero" being one of its major singles:

Yeah Yeah Yeah's third record received high critical acclaim compared to Show Your Bones, which was fairly mixed. I personally like them both and fail to agree with most of the issues cited with the second album. I didn't follow them from their early years, but I don't quite hear much difference in style. I would definitely recommend "Heads Will Roll". Both just the song and/or video!

Their fourth and final studio release, Mosquito, came in 2013. Its first single was "Sacrilege":

I really like this video a lot. The whole reverse storytelling reminds me of alt-J's "Breezeblocks" music video. In terms of Yeah Yeah Yeah's videos, though, I've actually liked them all. This is the first time I've seen any for these songs. I'm definitely a fan! Their songs and videos have been nominated for multiple awards, and while they've scored a few wins, they missed out on nabbing a Grammy.

Unfortunately, the band went on hiatus in 2014. I don't believe it's yet considered indefinite and hope it never is. I would really like to hear more material released from the band in the future!

Are you familiar with Yeah Yeah Yeahs? Did you enjoy the songs/videos? Do you have a favorite song and/or album? Have you ever seen them live? If so, how was the performance? Do you think that their style has changed much between albums? Do you think the band will ever get back together to create more music?