Jace Beleren is one of the many Planeswalkers — a group of individuals who are among the most powerful beings in the Magic universe — that frequent the game's storyline. Technically, I believe the players themselves are considered Planeswalkers too, but these are cards you can play representing the others existing in Magic's rich lore.

When it comes to Jace, the poster child for Magic: The Gathering, most people prefer almost any other iterations of the character over this one.

It seems we get new Jace every year, and each usually sees some level of competitive/tournament play, even if short lived.

Jace, Memory Adept was released in the Magic 2012 set. Even if not being too familiar with the game, if you've been following along I'm sure you know what the main appeal of the card is for me. But if you need a hint, it's the Mill ability. It doesn't even cost anything to activate! His "Ultimate", the name given to the last, generally most powerful ability Planeswalkers have in Magic, isn't too bad either.

Naturally I played with this Jace in a Mill deck or a hybrid Mill deck. This was also casual or at Friday Night Magic (FNM). Perhaps someday a few key cards will be printed that will help Mill decks be more competitive in the Magic scene. Or maybe the pieces are already there and no one has figured out how they fit together yet. One can only hope!

Do you follow the storyline of Magic? Do you have a favorite Planeswalker? Have you ever played with Jace, Memory Adept? What's your favorite Jace card, if having one, and why?