Tonight I'm featuring two cards I've never played with, but that's never been a requirement for this year's A to Z theme. Just that I own them! Get ready for the short and sweet of it!

I'm not sure whether or not Karakas (Legends) sees any competitive play, but it definitely seems like a necessity in any White themed Commander/EDH deck. That built in Legendary boomerang is pretty sweet. I'd imagine you would also place this in a Cube, if that was your cup of tea. I think those would be the scenarios I'd use Karakas in.

Over the past few years the value of Karakas has approached the $150 range. Unfortunately for me that usually doesn't include foreign versions. I have two Italian and only one English. Doubly unfortunate for me is that my English copy is ripped, quite extensively...

I wouldn't mind some Judge foil promo versions.

These Karn, Silver Golems (originally printed in Urza's Saga) make up my playset of promo Arena foils. I'm not exactly sure offhand what Arena is/was. I obtained these ages ago during my great eBay foil purge. I'm telling you, if it was foil, I wanted it!

The modest $20 price tag for these foils isn't too bad, but I would have thought they would be worth more when I looked them up, even with a From the Vault: Relics printing. This is another card that I would think works great in Commander/EDH! It could go into just about any deck, but naturally one with an artifact theme would be best, and there are plenty of those. Generally foils for that format double in price, if not triple. This leads me to believe it's not played much.

Either way, I'm happy to own them (they're foils after all!) and who knows, maybe over time they will be more sought after.

Do you ever play with Karakas? If so, what kind of decks do you use it in? Do you own any of the Judge promos? Have you ever played with Karn, Silver Golem before? Do you (or would you) play with either of these cards in Commander/EDH and/or Cube?