Lightning Bolt is another of the great ancients of Magic, being in the game since the Alpha set. Most people who play Magic: The Gathering have either heard of Lightning Bolt and/or played with it, especially if you're a fan of Burn and other decks centered around the Red section of the color wheel. This card is basically a staple! For the longest time it was also expensive for just being a common (still is in comparison to others, I guess), because it was/is a highly playable card both competitively and casually.

Above is my playset of the foil Judge Promo version. These were purchased when I was planning to build my all foil Burn deck. I want to say they cost around 20$ each when I bought them and now they sit around $200 a piece. At this point they will just sit in my collection, never to be played, which makes me sad, but I'd much prefer maintaining their current condition!

Have you ever played with Lightning Bolt? If so, which decks do you play it in? Do you own any copies of the foil Judge Promo?