The A to Z Challenge has come to a close and Meta MTG has survived it's first run with the blog hop! To be honest, this was the easiest of all four blogs I participated with. Beyond a few issues with having too many cards I wanted to feature per letter, only "X" made me nervous. This was because with the Cryton Collection theme, I only wanted to use cards I specifically owned. I was just lucky I remembered I owned that foil Xantid Swarm.

This was a really fun theme for me, because not only was it nostalgic, but it also inspired me to go through my collection. I need to overhaul and relog everything that I own. I started on a project to sell off most of my bulk two summers ago (or three?), but eventually I just tucked everything away and didn't return to it. I'm hoping this year I can knock some of that out. It would really free up a lot of space in my cramped apartment!

Did it also inspire me to build a new deck? Nope. Though, it does make me want to play more, whether that be casual Commander/EDH with friends or Friday Night Magic and drafts. There is a Grand Prix coming here at the end of the month, but I feel a bit too intimidated to learn the new Standard format at this time.

I'd definitely be up to participating in the A to Z Challenge again on Meta MTG! There should be plenty of themes to choose from next year and I really do love me some Magic! Perhaps I'll see you back in a year for another crazy month of April...

Did you participate in the A to Z Challenge 2016? If so, how did it go? Was it relaxing? Stressful? Will you participate again? If so, what would you change? Do you play Magic: The Gathering? If so, what's your favorite card? Favorite deck archetype? Did you follow along with Meta MTG's theme? If so, what was your favorite entry? What were you hoping to see that wasn't featured?